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Delayed —

Originally I was to pickup MissAmyRed from the airport at 9:30am Thursday morning. When I woke up, though, I was greeted to a series of unfortunate text messages. Amy’s original flight was delayed and, because of this she, had missed her connection. After a confusing number of steps and alternate plans created and then thrown […]

Wednesday Night —

My Wednesday evening at Fusion had the feel of a real vacation. I wandered around campus, stopped and chatted with folks, drank a little, and had an overall chill time. The majority of my time spent in any one place that day happened at the Baekry, a collective of friends who welcomed me in. I […]

Recharge —

“What are you looking at?” “There are these bees…” My Fusion was full of many moments, both large and small. My first moment happened with Roughinamorato while standing on the porch of Oink. After fully nesting in my cabin, I could think of nothing more fun than to begin the process of delivering invitations to […]

Helpful —

“Happy to be helpful.” is a phrase I often toss out when people thank me for my assistance. I hope I never sound flippant when I say it because I truly mean it. I like being helpful towards the people I care about. To start my Fusion, I was a defacto shuttle service for my […]

The View —

~ erotica ~   I always see her, even when she doesn’t see me. It’s easy for her to overlook my pressed suit and subdued tie. Hospitals are busy places. Few of the staff take notice of the head of security. She’s the best in her class. Everyone knows it, including her. The scrubs she […]

Skin —

~ erotica ~   I never see him with his shirt on. His chest is sculpted in the way that begs to be caressed, kissed, and licked. He picks up his packages, takes out his trash, and goes for runs only in his pants and sneakers. I never mind the view as I’m checking my […]