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Cigar Play 201 —

“Cigar Play 201: Let’s Burn Some Bitches!” – meHe skipped the simple intro. He skipped anything you could find on Google. That was not the point of the class. From the start, Cigar Play 201 was about intensity. It was about expanding your base notion of what cigar play could look and feel like. This […]

Off Campus —

“I’m going out tomorrow to buy destroyable clothing.”“I don’t think you understand the concept of destroyables?”“Oh no, I do. It’s just I don’t own any clothes I want you to destroy, so I’m buying some for you to cut off.”We left around quarter after noon with a goal of returning by 4pm. I didn’t think […]

Practice —

I was nervous. Incredibly nervous. We chose a point out in the open, with everyone able to see me. We chose a point over concrete. If she fell and hit her head… We chose a point outside, with the Sun on a downward path. I was nervous. But Amethyst was my Big Sis, which both […]

Temptation —

“She has an unfair advantage because she’s British.” – Gray“I’m going to write a letter!” – Slut I knew going in just how to act to get my way. I used the smile, the down turned head, the quiet eagerness to lure her in. I dropped into little mode, the fifteen year old girl inside […]

Never Said —

[written beside a fire with the sexual energy of camp & the flames as inspiration] ~a poem~ I bite my lower lip,the way I often do when I’m nervous,and bounce on the edge of my toes.But then I look at him,And say it, finally… “Gaze upon me as if I were a painting…No, a steak…No, […]

Being Emotionally Honest —

It is not easy for me to be emotionally honest. In fact it is one of the hardest things for me to do. So when I told a friend I needed to have a conversation with them, I knew it would be difficult. My inner pessismist thought it would go horribly wrong, that our friendship […]

Round 4 —

“I lost my earring.”“That wasn’t a euphomism for sex?”“No, I lost my earring, but we had sex after I found it.”I woke up on my own at 6:05am, quietly slipped out of bed, donned my clothes, and said a whispered bye to Pyro and Ron, neither of which heard me as they slept. Returning to […]

Pre-Game —

“I swung by the Barn last night. It sounded like you were having fun.”I picked my blue H&M sundress because it was comfy, cute, and hugged all my curves the way I liked. I slipped on white knee high socks and my new-ish purple flats, rounding out the cuteness of my outfit. Stepping out onto […]

At the moment… —

…I am kneeling, naked save for an asshook in my upturned rear, face to Graydancer’s right boot while his left is on my back. In fact, I’m not actually typing this, but it is the absolute truth. I invited him to do an interrogation scene, and the net result is this entry which signifies his […]

Ask For What You Want —

“For some people, you can’t be subtle.” It had been a long day. But, thankfully, it was also a uniquely cool Monday for June. We’d worked from noon to 7pm sorting equipment, boxes, and all manner of fun items for setup of the camp ground for Dark Odyssey: Fusion. Now, though, it was time for […]