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Meme Me —

I was tagged by the 25 Random Facts thread that’s been going around. Instead of putting this in my facebook, I figured I’d just put it here and lead people to it, i.e. boosting traffic in the easiest way I can think of. So here goes: 1) My nose is stuffed up. 2) It alternates […]

Scenario Six —

It is hard for me to fully explain the complexity of the 2 hour conversation my SO and I had last night. So, I will cut to the chase: We are good. We are together. We are still an us. And now, what happened: I made sure to start the conversation in neutral territory, my […]

It Hurts & Soft Landing —

When one is in a heightened state of emotion, little things can spark an unintended reaction. Everything you see and hear suddenly feels like it is about you. It doesn’t matter how mundane or silly it would be normally. Rational seems to escape your every day. For instance, every since Bad Night, I almost cry […]

Masochism —

I love NPR. Love it so much that I tend to listen to it all day: in the morning, when I’m driving to the gym after work, and when I’m picking up my SO from his job. I even listen to it at work, mostly because I think it is better than the local rock […]

Bad Night —

For some reason, my SO and I went back to my place Friday night and decided to drink a little. We each had a shot of Grand Marnier and an Amstel Light to chase it. I sat there on the couch, savoring the moment before my shot. He was wondering why I was taking so […]

My Tick —

Ever since high school, the first time a major family member died, and I was old enough to be aware of it, I’ve developed a sort of “tick”. Each time my mother leaves me a phone message, and her voice is not happy-go-lucky, I assume someone has died, and brace myself for who it will […]