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Biting —

Teeth are not sexy.  Yes, white straight teeth can make a person seem more appealing, maybe a bit more attractive, but teeth themselves are just a part, not a feature. However, when a fuck buddy snuck up from behind once and whispered into my ear as a greeting, “I gonna bite your cunt,” before they […]

Teeth —

I looked at him, smiled, and asked a simple question. “May I smell your jacket?” He returned my grin and stepped into my personal space. As my feet dangled from the short stage, I felt lost in the wondrous aroma. “I got this in Florence.” Real Italian leather, soft and supple leather. I rested my […]

Abduction part 5 —

My abduction had a special guest. They walked into my line-of-sight after all my limbs were restrained, somewhere in the middle of my pain. I hadn’t heard their voice before then either. They wore beautiful boots, black with red trim and buckles at the top. They used those boots to step on my stomach. They […]

Round 4 —

“I lost my earring.”“That wasn’t a euphomism for sex?”“No, I lost my earring, but we had sex after I found it.”I woke up on my own at 6:05am, quietly slipped out of bed, donned my clothes, and said a whispered bye to Pyro and Ron, neither of which heard me as they slept. Returning to […]

Pre-Game —

“I swung by the Barn last night. It sounded like you were having fun.”I picked my blue H&M sundress because it was comfy, cute, and hugged all my curves the way I liked. I slipped on white knee high socks and my new-ish purple flats, rounding out the cuteness of my outfit. Stepping out onto […]