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DGG #9: Shibaricon 2013 pt 2 —

The second installment of my fun over Memorial Day weekend. Cigars, the Cabaret, and my sternum, oh my… listen to ‘009_DGG Shibaricon 2013 pt 2’ on Audioboo

Sternum —

It all started Saturday night…“Move your hands. Move your fucking hands.”“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”“I’m going to punch you in your chest. Twice. If your hands get in the way, I will punch you more. If you take the two punches, that will be it for your sternum. Can you do that? Or do you want […]

With Breakfast —

“I’ve only seen this shit in porn.” – AVI woke up Sunday morning knowing I had to pack, so of course I didn’t want to get up. But I did anyway. I folded my clothes, stripped my bed, and tucked everything away. With my bags piled up by the cabin door, I slipped on a […]