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Thanks For The Blanket —

~a whimsical poem~ I fuck on the blanket you gave me. I sleep under it naked, too. It’s super comfy;  I’m surprised you gave it up so easily. Tossed it to me like it was nothing.  You were moving.  We all were.  I guess it was lost in the shuffle of your new life. I […]

Our Last Fuck —

“To be frank, I can’t make anymore promises regarding our sessions…Will you promise to at the very least keep in touch?”“Yes, we can keep in touch…”“…I will also say I’m a little salty you didn’t write about our last session…God, the sexist thing about you is how you maneuver the English language…” I didn’t know […]

Warm Up —

(Originally this blog was going to be titled Rotation Stagnation, but those early morning Sunday texts keep coming through for me.) Bacon and I have been trying to meetup for maybe a year. Schedules conflicted and limited availability made it take so long. But Twitter, timing, and proximity finally paid off. He tweeted he was […]