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1.25.17 Random Blackness —

– Today I started binge-ing A Different World, beginning at Season 2. It is still fabulous. I am a lot like Freddie, so much so it almost hurts. Except she is way louder than I am. Everything that she says and feels lines up pretty close to my personality, but, like the Birdcage, I keep […]

1.16.17 Conflicted —

Pay rent or symbolically protest? Speak the truth, and possibly lose work, or stay quiet and keep your job? I cried today during my gig. Only for a little bit. Only for a moment. Lyrics to “One Last Time” from Hamilton came to mind: “Teach them how to say goodbye.” I know it’s been eight […]

31 —

It started oddly. I woke up from a dream that wasn’t a nightmare but wasn’t at all pleasant. To call it odd would be generous. Thankfully, the images my subconscious dumped last night did not permeate throughout my day. When I checked my Twitter feed, I saw the day’s wishes had already started, even at […]

His Laugh —

We both laid on the hotel room bed.  I was pleasantly tipsy.  He’d been getting high for the past few minutes, vaporizing his pot and laughing as we spoke. For part of the conversation, I laid on my stomach and looked up at him, my chest resting on a pillow as he stood tapping the […]

Five Years —

For Christmas, while shopping for my friends, I bought myself a ‘Q & A a day’ five year journal.  The premise is simple: one question for each day in a year for five years.  The tagline reads, “365 Questions, 5 Years, 1,825 Answers.” I started writing in my new journal Christmas night.  Currently I fill […]

Grateful, Naughty Edition —

He noticed I wasn’t wearing any underwear.  That made me smile. A few nights later, he fucked my face while praising my intelligence.  Oh.  So.  Hot. ~ They didn’t care that I was on my period.  They taped down a chuck and went on with the show. For a moment, I was the center of […]

Beautiful —

I didn’t understand it, I didn’t truly see it, until I saw her. She was taller than me.  Her skin was darker than mine.  She was bigger than me, probably a few dress sizes larger.  But her body shape was the same as mine.  And she wore a dress like one I own. As she […]

Hair, Down There? —

I hadn’t heard about No Shave November til there was random mention of it on my Twitter feed a few days into the month.  A few of the people I followed were participating for various reason. Since it was only (I think) the 3rd, I thought about what body hair meant to me.  Should I try […]

Hate Fuck —

I don’t want to get back together with my Ex.  I DON’T want to get back together with my Ex.  But there was this moment recently. About a week ago, I had an early morning gig.  The Sun wasn’t even up before I had to start work.  And, me being me, I arrived early.  My Ex […]

Reminder —

Sometimes it’s easy to forget.  With time and space away from a situation, you can lose details, nuance to it all.  Occasionally, though, life reminds you of what you’ve forgotten. Because of random happenstance, I not only saw my Ex at work tonight, which occurs from time to time, but I actually had a decent conversation […]