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His Smell —

“You smell good.” Three of us sat on the plush couch. We’d speculated if he would sit in the center, snuggled between two attractive black women, or if he’d take the spot next to our white coworker, or just sit in a chair. When he did sit in between us, the joke became assigning him […]

Left —

~erotica~ What are you doing tonight?Meh. Nothing. Why?I need you inside me.I decided, for that night, I wouldn’t care. For tonight, he didn’t have a girlfriend. For tonight, I didn’t have a wife. For tonight, his dick was all that mattered. As soon as he opened the door, my hands were at his belt. He […]

Missed You More —

~erotica~ “Missed you.”“Missed you more.” Her lips were as soft as I remembered, painted the deep red that I loved. Her grin was still sly, still full of something secretive yet alluring. And her eyes.  I still could not help staring into her eyes. She nibbled at my neck, grazed my hips with her nails, […]

Seasonal Financial Panic —

A few times a year, about once every season, I panic about money. Being in a job where the work is either feast or famine, it’s understandable that I have these fears. The funny part though is that since the end of my first year of working professionally, I can’t think of a time when […]


Awesome friends introduce you to awesome people, who then become your awesome friends. And awesome friends do awesome things for each other. I HAS ROPE! Through my friend N3rddom, I met Nomad, a quiet sweet creature who loves rope as much, if not more, than I do. Even more than learning about ties, though, Nomad […]

Re-Introduction —

~a story~ She tried not to tap her pencil. Or twirl her hair. Or bite her lower lip. All her ticks, all the signs she was nervous, yet she couldn’t help herself. He was sitting right there. Right there. The next table over. She was suppose to be studying for her Diff-E-Q final (Differential Equations). She […]

Settling —

“Because you don’t require a commitment for you to be in their lives, they never had to make a decision with you. In your effort to avoid the pain of rejection you have this other painful feeling [of never having tried].”Twice, less than a month apart actually, I learned two people I care for started relationships with someone […]

Time —

Time. Time is the most precious gift any individual can give. We don’t know how much of it we have on this earth. The greatest punishments we can levy are taking a person’s time away, or ending their time all together. (Or, worse yet, filling their time with horrors.) I was speaking with a friend […]

Narnia —

Narnia. They made me scream Narnia instead of their names or any preferred curse word while I came. Narnia. PrudeNate had his fist inside me as N3rddom held a Hitachi Magic Wand to my clit, and all the while I am screaming. Narnia. Seriously. Would this be an example of humiliation play? Friday night was […]

My Swirly Brain —

Our brains are funny things. In our attempts to avoid pain, we can in fact cause more anguish. In my last session with Doc, we ended up talking about my father, a lot. I have mixed emotions surrounding my Dad. I love him, but some of his choices for my life were not the best. […]