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1.25.17 Random Blackness —

– Today I started binge-ing A Different World, beginning at Season 2. It is still fabulous. I am a lot like Freddie, so much so it almost hurts. Except she is way louder than I am. Everything that she says and feels lines up pretty close to my personality, but, like the Birdcage, I keep […]

Men —

This is a rant. It is by no means what I wanted to be my first blog back since a necessary hiatus for school. It is not what I wanted to be doing right now. My finals are on Tuesday.  I need to study.  But even after I stripped off my work clothes, slipped into […]

Grumpy —

~ a rant ~ I am not a morning person. My Mom loves to tell the story of me saying that to her one day in the car while driving me to middle school. And it’s true. I hate waking up early. Especially for work. Especially if I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. […]

Three Guys At Work —

The 1st guy“To make these fit, there’s a trick. You have to marry them together.”“I wouldn’t call it marrying. I’d more say they were…” I was tired. You could probably even say cranky. My day started with a 6am setup. Continued with a 3pm focus call. And now ended with a 10pm breakdown that didn’t […]

Holla —

I suppose I was overdue. It hadn’t happened in awhile. Monday I’m working (happens a lot when I’m working, or on my way to work). My job’s tedious and annoying. I’m wearing an ugly orange vest and carrying around two orange flags. I’m a spotter for a forklift as we maneuver gear around in a […]

Groan —

Waking up and my elbow aches because, in the middle of the night, I turned over and ended up sleeping on it funny. And now that I’m awake, I can’t just drift back into a snooze-ful slumber because the pain, though not debilitating, is annoying enough to distract me. Trying to snooze for an hour, […]

Frustrated —

I hated my job tonight. The short version is that someone else fucked up but I get the blame for the screw up. I thought I did everything right tonight. Even with the pop up issues. Even with the running back to the warehouse for more equipment, rushing to finish everything on time. I thought […]

Cute —

I am sick and tired of one word I hear all the time: cute. People often use that word to describe me. People, during first introductions, will use it. People who have never known each other will utter the exact same sentence to compliment my looks. “You are cute.” I get it. I totally get […]

Bubble —

So… this is the blog I didn’t post on Friday. The feelings-rich not-fun bad things blog.This is a rant. This is not sexy or funny. This post is going to touch on some horrible shit that’s been happening in our country lately. I give this warning in case you don’t want to read something like […]

Must Eat Pussy —

I have not been on OKCupid for long, but in my brief stint I have grown disheartened, disillusioned, and dis, I mean pissed, off in general by the crop of folk migrating my way. It seems so simple, and yet it also seems to be the hardest thing in the world: a person who I […]