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1.29.17 Reparations —

With every drink, every bite of food, and every alien slaughtered, one thing was on my mind: REPARATIONS, bitch. Some background. I make a point to go to at least one company holiday party every year. As I’ve mentioned before, all the companies I work for are owned by white men. (Side Note: This just […]

Not Okay —

I recently had a conversation with a coworker that has been nagging me. Some background: I work for assholes. All of the companies I work for are owned by, and run by, cis het white men. Their styles vary, giving me different forms of sexism and misogyny to deal with. I take the bullshit in […]

Three Guys At Work —

The 1st guy“To make these fit, there’s a trick. You have to marry them together.”“I wouldn’t call it marrying. I’d more say they were…” I was tired. You could probably even say cranky. My day started with a 6am setup. Continued with a 3pm focus call. And now ended with a 10pm breakdown that didn’t […]

Groan —

Waking up and my elbow aches because, in the middle of the night, I turned over and ended up sleeping on it funny. And now that I’m awake, I can’t just drift back into a snooze-ful slumber because the pain, though not debilitating, is annoying enough to distract me. Trying to snooze for an hour, […]

Frustrated —

I hated my job tonight. The short version is that someone else fucked up but I get the blame for the screw up. I thought I did everything right tonight. Even with the pop up issues. Even with the running back to the warehouse for more equipment, rushing to finish everything on time. I thought […]

Work —

There is this guy I occasionally work with. He’s not the most attractive man. Not particularly muscular or athletic in any way. He doesn’t have a face you’d think of as handsome per say. It’s his eyes; the knowing behind them. And his demeanor; it’s always obvious who’s in charge. Every time I work with, […]

Why? —

I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately, mostly because of a friend’s influence, although Doc has been encouraging it as well. In regards to my theatrical career, there is one person who I believe owes most of the credit for my current circumstance: Mr. David Kriebs. He was the Production Manager for the […]

Normal —

I went to a company holiday party last night. I went to Happy Hour first, had drinks with friends, and made plans for the holidays, but then I left earlier than normal and found my way to the bowling alley where the event was held. It was hosted by one of the half dozen companies […]

Shadow Career —

Sometimes I hate my job. I know this is true of most people. I suppose it’s been true of just about every job I’ve had. There comes a point when all I want to do is scream at someone or to someone. I need to release my pain. I need to tell people how much […]

The Question —

“You work for X?”“Yes.”“How are they with women?” I was taken aback by the older woman’s question. We had had no previous conversation, no words spoken at all between us. I was not in charge of the crew that day. Quite the opposite actually, having spent the past two hours working on my hands and […]