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Pendant —

I wanted to do it myself. Looking around, it was obvious that most attending this class came with their partner. This was not surprising; the ultimate goal inherently could be a very bonding activity between two people. But I came for me, to explore something I had recently found as fascinating, alluring, something I wanted. […]

25 —

Marked ~ a story ~ Birthdays are always fun at the house. Everyone gathers. We drink. We eat. We laugh. But, most importantly, we all enjoy the show. We have a little tradition amongst our friends, a rite of passage for each new year of life. One year, one person, one hit. The funny ones […]

Appetite —

~ a moment of terror ~ There is something about that first feeling as it passes over your lips. Something about that first drop on your tongue. That first taste. The fullness of the liquid. The salted sting of it as it flows from someone else and into you. It is a powerful notion, a […]

Blood —

They gave a warning for the squeamish before they began. I, with a front row seat, wasn’t going anywhere. Chey laid face down on the table to my right. Stefanos prepared his tools for the demo: a glass fire cup, his fire wand, a lit tea candle, a cup of alcohol, and a scalpel. Working […]