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NaNo Lessons Last —

ForgivenessThe hardest part of NaNo, and something I’ve been struggling with as a goal for this year, is forgiveness. As a writer, as an artist, I logically know that my vision isn’t going to just fall from me onto my screen in its perfect form conveying all the emotions and depth of feeling that I […]

NaNo Lessons Four —

There Are No More Wants, Only NeedsI wanted to be lazy. I wanted to watch TV all day in my pajamas. I wanted to write something, but not my novel. Anything else besides my damn novel. I wanted to clean my room, to unpack my suitcase, to wash clothes. I wanted to organize my rope, […]

NaNo Lessons Three —

RoutineIt was important for me to create a routine when it came to my writing. Having a lightweight netbook helped me to carry around my novel wherever I went, but it also gave me the illusion of always being able to write. But I couldn’t write when I was working. Or when I was driving. […]

NaNo Lessons Two —

Watch The CalendarNaNoWriMo gave me a set amount of time to write the first draft of a novel: thirty days. I thought about working on an existing piece I’d started a while back, but no. NaNoWriMo is about one novel and thirty days. This gave me two things I needed. 1- A set deadline and […]

NaNo Lessons One —

I did it. I wrote a novel in a month. That was big and heavy and hard. Not surprisingly, having endured twenty-seven days of wordcount hysteria, I learned a few lessons along the way. The first, surprisingly, mimics one of the goals I set for myself at the beginning of this year.EnduranceNaNoWriMo lasts an entire […]

50,003 —

* Today: 4,971Total: 50,003Done. Finally.– You rock. Feel good?*Relief and some happiness… and yet more expectation to make it better than what it is.– Of course. That’s what national novel editing month is for. Meanwhile, enjoy the satisfaction. YOU WROTE A BOOK IN A MONTH.The first thing I did, when I checked my wordcount and […]

Appetite —

~ a moment of terror ~ There is something about that first feeling as it passes over your lips. Something about that first drop on your tongue. That first taste. The fullness of the liquid. The salted sting of it as it flows from someone else and into you. It is a powerful notion, a […]

An Excerpt —

~ erotica ~[Note: The following is an excerpt from my NaNoWriMo project.  Enjoy…] I knelt on the ground, my head bent down, naked, waiting. He told me to wait. Told me he would be back. But when he’d be back I did not know. The chain around my neck, and it’s lock by the top […]

Three Notes On My Poly Adventure —

I guess this is going to be an ongoing random series, me talking about my poly life (or lack there of). 1) Pedestrian Polyamory So I now am listening to yet another polyamory podcast. This one came as recommendation from a friend and I am loving it. The podcast is called Pedestrian Polyamory. Our hosts […]

The Cowboy (1 of 4) —

~ erotica ~He dragged her behind him, her wrists bound, his sweaty bandanna covering her eyes. She stumbled over the uneven ground but always kept herself upright as he hurriedly led her to his favorite spot. Stopping, he shoved her down to the ground, her knees landing on the wet earth, straw and mud now […]