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Spank Bank 1.3: Action —

~ erotica ~ The door muffled the music, but couldn’t stop the thumping through the floor or in the walls. It was a sparse room, though fitting for the 250 person venue. An old leather couch. A few chairs around a card table. Coffee maker and hot water kettle on a cart. A desk-high dressing […]

Spank Bank 1.2: Anticipation —

~ erotica ~ It was so quick. I was touching his tattoo, purposely not looking into his eyes. We were talking. I was nervous but trying to not show it. And then I was against him. He didn’t kiss me at first. He took a breath, looked into my eyes, and gave me a moment. […]

Spank Bank 1.1: Foreplay —

~erotica~ Me: “Please, take it.” Him: “I can’t take your money.” Me: “But I’ve enjoyed so much of your music without being able to pay you a dime for it. Like, can I buy you a drink or something? I feel like I owe you.” Him: “I make music because I love making music. I […]

Thoughts Of You —

Thoughts of you invade my days, muscling their way into moments not meant to be titillating. School lectures. In my car listening to NPR. As I clean my room, for the first time ever, trying desperately to do something that takes my mind off you. And your hands in my hair. And your lips on […]

Perfect Goodbye —

I keep imagining how it will be when I finally say goodbye to him. For so long, I’ve held back my true feelings. I’ve never let him know just how much I care about him, how much I want him to be more in my life. But, on that last afternoon before I leave, I […]