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Baby Bootblack —

I had more than my fair share of memorable moments and lesseons learned from this past Winter Fire, but one in particular has stuck with me: I will always schedule myself for the last bootblacking shift of an event. The last two hours of my chair time at DO:WF were hectic, and challenging, and I […]

Influence —

You’re the reason why we’re here.I knew, when I participated in the documentary, that it had the potential to reach people. I had hoped it would. I suspected not many people would see it, but I thought if at least some people viewed it, it would be a good start at acceptance from the wider […]

Winning —

“Your blogs have been pretty intense lately.”Yeah, about that… I realize as of late that my entries have been heavy. Life, contemplating my place in this world, how I got here and where I’m going, heavy. And I realize that is not what one would instantly expect from this blog. Don’t get me wrong, and […]

Opening the Box —

Everyone is a good liar from one hundred feet away. It wasn’t a big lie. In fact, it was a tiny one I’m sure everyone has told some time, if not quite often, over the course of their lives. A friend, who happened to spot me standing, looking about at the gathered folks at the […]

Elevator Entertainment —

The final night, the final hours of WinterFire, of course I didn’t want to go to bed. I found myself in the lobby of the hotel discussing possible cookie snagging with TwistedView & Dov. In our conversing, I learned of the secret (not really) rope folks lounge up on the ninth floor. With the allure […]

Quotable —

“You’re suppose to be working on my leathers. Setup your kit.”Like our previous leather scene at Tied Down, I worked on Gray’s chaps and vest. Also like Tied Down, Gray put me in a restrictive harness which, of course, included a crotch rope. He used my same raw hemp, and I had, in fact, saved […]

Warm Up 2.0 —

With my beating complete it was time to treat Gray’s leathers. But, of course, first we warmed up. While still in the middle of my soothing blowjob, Gray again helped me practice my deep throating. He commented on how he liked the flutter in the back of my throat, which was the physical manifestation of […]

Righteous Beating —

I stood by the back of the elevators, excited, almost jittery. I’d demo bottomed in a class, took a shower, changed into a sleeveless tight black dress. I wore my boots, as he had asked me to when I texted him during my brief dinner. I’d already helped Murphy with music stuff, and caught a bit […]

Girl Fight —

So… after Gray’s edict. After Chey & Stefanos & Nerine. After laughing and screeching, boots on flesh and twisted faces of pain. After all that, I still had a scene to oversee. It was time for some chicks to fight. My whole point for going to Playful & Predicament BDSM was to germinate possible ideas […]

A Playful Predicament —

First off, I must take a moment to, well, swoon. The trio of Chey, Stefanos, and Nerine is, well, an amazing wet dream. Each of them separately is a gorgeous individual. Together the hotness in the front of the class on Sunday morning was almost too much to take in. I had had little interaction […]