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Service —

As I drove in my car, having just picked up Gray from the airport, I asked him what his expectations for Rope Camp were, specifically surrounding how we would interact. “Well if you wanted to be in service to me it would be helpful, but it would only be for the duration of camp.”“Ah…no. No […]

Worth It —

I deserved it. I totally deserved it. Celeste swung and smacked my back hard with her rope, testing the technique Rough had just shown the class. It hurt. A lot. I deserved every bit of the pain. The day before was the first of two of Roughinamorato’s Rough Body play classes. He spoke about different […]

Rough —

“Do you want to play?”“Yes. When?”“Now.”“But I’m playing with a friend once they get back with their rope.”“We’ll play til they arrive.” Gripping the side of my neck, right where I’d been bitten not ten minutes earlier, Roughinamorato pulled me forward. Just as we were to find a space, my friend walked into the Dungeon and […]

Teeth —

I looked at him, smiled, and asked a simple question. “May I smell your jacket?” He returned my grin and stepped into my personal space. As my feet dangled from the short stage, I felt lost in the wondrous aroma. “I got this in Florence.” Real Italian leather, soft and supple leather. I rested my […]

Safely —

When he asked me to tie him, I was a little taken aback. “I’ve seen your work and was wondering if you would suspend me?” Seen my work? People have seen me tie? It all felt other worldly. Still I was elated at the idea of playing with someone. Going into Summer Camp, I had […]

Care —

It was the simplest movement, the simplest motion. A submissive sat with her head on her Dom’s knee. Then lightly, gently, she brushed her cheek against his knee. That was all it took to bring me to tears. I quietly snuck my way downstairs, located the bathroom, leaned against the wall, and cried. I wanted […]

Aftercare —

We were all wiped. It wasn’t even two hours into the After Grue when Inretrepida and I spoke of leaving. I dutifully sat in a comfy chair, scribbling out notes from my day and my time with Gray and Symetrie, yet I actively worked to not fall asleep. Just as our duo was about to […]

Dirty, Nasty, Perfect —

“It was dirty, nasty, perfect.”Yeah, so, it happened again. That moment where, in the middle of sex, I realized I was actually, surprisingly, yes again, having the best sex of my life. I was slick with my sweat and his, mashing my face against and all over his balls while my tits caressed his dick. […]

Stood Up —

I was stood up tonight, and, funny enough, I am the happier for it. It was my work friend from Faire yesterday. We had arranged to hang out this evening, but he had to cancel; some bullshit he needed to take care of at home. We have already planned to reschedule for another day, though […]

I’m A Slut —

Today I was a slut. I am a slut everyday, but today was a magnificent day to be a slut. Attending our local Renaissance Festival, I donned garb befitting the occasion: a black wrap dress with ample cleavage shown, a chain mail diadem atop my mound of curls, black tights (for I knew it would […]