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Round 4 —

“I lost my earring.”“That wasn’t a euphomism for sex?”“No, I lost my earring, but we had sex after I found it.”I woke up on my own at 6:05am, quietly slipped out of bed, donned my clothes, and said a whispered bye to Pyro and Ron, neither of which heard me as they slept. Returning to […]

Pre-Game —

“I swung by the Barn last night. It sounded like you were having fun.”I picked my blue H&M sundress because it was comfy, cute, and hugged all my curves the way I liked. I slipped on white knee high socks and my new-ish purple flats, rounding out the cuteness of my outfit. Stepping out onto […]

Ask For What You Want —

“For some people, you can’t be subtle.” It had been a long day. But, thankfully, it was also a uniquely cool Monday for June. We’d worked from noon to 7pm sorting equipment, boxes, and all manner of fun items for setup of the camp ground for Dark Odyssey: Fusion. Now, though, it was time for […]