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DGG #19 Fusion 2013 pt 5 —

The final installment of my Fusion adventure. Picture Links Pose #1 Pose #2 Time Jumps 1:40 Tradition 2:24 Uncensored Improv Games 3:26 Kinky Life Drawing 6:00 Humiliation 8:17 Bare Stories 10:37 Back Patch 11:27 CBC 13:40 In Demand 15:27 Stefanos 16:44 Another Rain Check 18:10 Wrap Up     listen to ‘019_DGG Fusion 2013 pt […]

DGG #17 Dirty Pig pt 2 —

My fantasy, my moments, and my new reality.  The conclusion of my Dirty Pig experience. Time Jumps 1:26 Prep for my fantasy 2:40-5:18 TMI break: Grue Pitt 3 conversation – How to hack a period 5:18 Props and planning 6:23 Words of encouragement 7:43 Setting the stage 8:43 The performance 13:30 Aftercare 14:39 Tifereth’s fantasy […]

DGG #16 Dirty Pig pt 1 —

Nerves, answering a question, bribes, and all the people who helped me. Part one of my competition experience. Time Jumps 1:23 Nerves 3:40 Secret Weapons 6:27 Gray, judge and Sempai 8:59 The Rules 12:19 The show begins 12:54 Introductions 13:57 Pig #5 15:35 Combination Bribe 17:05 Sexy Skin 18:59 Pop Question cock tease 21:09 My […]

Gifted —

Lee quieted the crowd. He said something about traditions in the leather community, especially the gift of leather.  He took back my sash (the harness) and my scepter (the butt plug).  He gave the microphone to Gray and stepped aside. My eyes watered.  I knew what was about to happen, but I couldn’t let myself […]

And The Winner Is… —

Shay stayed beside me as I walked off stage.  Held me as I sat on a chux pad.  Rubbed my back as I started coming down off my high. The show continued.  During Pig #6’s performance, I breathed in and out, allowing the adrenalin to cycle through me.  Soon I was good to stand.  I […]

Fantasy —

I could not have picked a better song than the one I randomly pulled out of Lee’s bag: Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together. I’d already gone over the basic idea of a skit with Shay and Stefanos.  Now with this song in mind, we changed it to fit the lyrics […]

Pop Question —

What are the three things you’d suggest someone bring to camp and why?   For my sexy skin outfit, I’d chosen: a leather collar with BITCH in silver metal on the front, a gift from NYRCherryBondage; my black and red leather wrist cuffs, purchased during my London Grue adventure; my Faire boots, which I wore […]

Introductions —

I was Pig #5.  Pig #6 stood beside me.  Our mystery contestant was Pig #7, Tifereth.  Pigs #3 and #4 were both friends of mine.  I’d blacked Pig #1’s vest early that day.  Pigs #2 were a couple I had not met before.  (Later, Pig #8 volunteered on the spot for the competition right before […]

The Rules —

The format was simple.  Four appearances on stage. The first was our leather look.  This would be our introduction to the judges and the audience.  We would choose our contest number randomly from a bag and, in order, greet the audience and our judges.  Lee Harrington, our host for the evening, suggested we be in […]

Pep Talk —

“Kohai, make me proud.”   To say I was nervous for Dirty Pig would be like saying child birth is uncomfortable.  I was jittery, anxious, shaking almost.  I stayed somewhat sane through a series of semi-related events. I pre-planned my possible outfits for the competition, as well as any necessary props, packed them in a […]