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My New Year’s Eve, in moments.

– I sat on the floor of my room, naked, talking to SkinnyBitch as I straightened my hair for the Dark Odyssey New Year’s Eve party. SkinnyBitch laid on my bed, unable to sleep; it was her intention to take a nap, but it just was not happening.

After watching me struggle with my inferior flat iron, she finally asked, well pleaded, to let her finish the work. I sat, cross legged, grateful for the aid and the time I got to spend with her as she hovered above me helping me get ready.

– “Are there any cop cars around?”
“No, I don’t see any.” I flung a banana peel out my window onto a median full of grass.
“Why exactly were you concerned about the cops being around? What would they have charged you with?”
“Um, littering?”
“Littering. Yes, littering while in the operation of a vehicle.”

– It is a blessedly wonderful moment when suddenly you are the soft squishy center of a sandwich. No matter how brief, the encounter is always delightful, especially with good friends as the bread.

– After she’d tied me up, beat me, fucked and fisted me. After I came a few times, and we giggled while we cleaned up. After our night had truly begun, Slut and I stopped for a moment, hugged each other, and said how happy we were to see the other again.

– Standing by the kitchen island in just a tie, my necklace, and my school girl shoes, I asked, “Should I put my clothes back on?”
“I think you look wonderful in what you’re wearing now.”

– [Text messages]
“Happy New Year!” – me

“Happy New Year!” – me
“Happy ya know, thing” – DeepEnd

– As I prepped my bootblacking kit to work on N3rddom’s boots, the handle for my saddle soap broke off. I was so baffled, I didn’t quite understand what had happened. Not a moment later, MrBlackBeard stepped over, took the saddle soap from my hands, and, with his muscular arms, pried the can open. “Gotta use these arms for something.”

– “I have never had my boots blacked before. There was no one else I wanted to do it other than poeticdesires.”

– As I laid on the floor, loving on N3rddom’s boots, I felt a caress down my back. His hands ended on my ass, punctuating their arrival with a loud smack. He warmed each cheek multiple times. Then he began punching my back.

Just as I was about finished loving on his leather, with the new coil of rope he had just purchased from Twisted Monk, he hit all over my back, multiple tendrils of stingy pain shooting across my skin.

– He handed me the half finished cigar. “I want you to save this as a promise for us to finish it later.”

– “Are you sure I’m suppose to be turning left? This seems like we’re going back the way we came.”
“It’s the internet. The internet is not wrong.”
“And that’s the house. Yup, we have gone in a circle.”

– “Why are there so many people in this IHOP?”
“It’s New Year’s.”
“They all look like they just came from church.”
“They probably did. It’s called a watch service. Just in case of the rapture.”
“Yup, and none of us look like we’re saved.”

– Around 4am I happened to check my Twitter feed, beyond just posting the hilarious tidbits of our IHOP conversation. It seems me mentioning one little dream involving cigars and a beautiful woman sparked an entire conversation I completely missed, to my great disappointment.

And yes, we shopped at BJ’s. I agree, because it is me, this was quite funny.

– “Did you see her, the girl in the pink dress? It was not a dress. I swear it was a shirt and she just kept pulling it down.”

– “I finished the book.”
“Really? How did you like it?”
“It was okay. The secondary characters weren’t developed well and the ending was abrupt, but I liked the main characters. The thing that bugged me though was the sex. You read a thousand pages, a thousand pages to finally, finally get to the sex, and you basically get a brush off. I wanted more sex, dammit.”
“Yeah, that book is basically just an excuse for rape.”
“Oh my god, yes. Ten pages, rape. Ten pages, rape. And the one time when she was like, ‘It’s not spine-y?'”

– “How’s it going lately in the house?”
“It’s been good.”
“Good. Yeah, you are now in the community.”
“I was in the community before.”
“No, you were in the sex and fun and play time and now I’m going to my home alone and getting some sleep space. Now you’re in it, you’re all up in the community.”
“Yeah. Well, even with the aggravation, the trade off is worth it.”

Bedtime: 7am

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