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Maestro Stefanos,
My name is poeticdesires. I met you this past February at Dark Odyssey Winter Fire, held in Washington, DC. I attended your Playful and Predicament BDSM class, sitting on the floor in the front row “splatter zone” between Graydancer’s legs. I also had the pleasure of watching some of your scene Sunday night in the cage in the Dungeon, assisting you by delivering water.
I am currently in San Francisco attending the International Ms. Leather Competition, held at the Holiday Inn Golden Gate, a short bus ride away from the San Francisco Armory. This evening I indeed had the pleasure of touring Kink.com.
It has come to my attention that a play party is being held on The Upper Floor this Saturday. Might I humbly request an invitation?
Though I am only in San Francisco for the weekend, I plan to return the weekend of August 17th to attend Midori’s Rope Dojo. Will there possibly be any Upper Floor activities at that date, or near it, as well?
I do thank you kindly for your time and patience, whatever your decision.

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