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The Wolf, part two


I don’t remember how we ended up at my place. Looking back, I’m not surprised; everyone I talked to said the same thing, how they just sort of brought her home. They could never recall why.

We barely made it inside my door before she kissed me, before the Wolf began her torment. Her hands explored my body, slowly gliding over my curves, the ones I loved along with the ones I hated.

As she reached her hand down, going for under my skirt, I stopped her. I backed away. I wasn’t ready to have that conversation, wasn’t ready for all that she had in mind. But nobody stops the Wolf.

She matched each of my steps until my back hit the wall. I felt like a trapped rabbit who knew they were dinner. But instead of pinning my wrists against the wall, or her hand against my neck, she snaked he lips to my ear, nibbled, and said, so very softly, “Please.”


“Please.” She gave me a choice, but there was no other way I wanted to answer.

“Yes,” I squeaked, afraid of what her reaction would be.

Bending down, she lifted my skirt and eased down my panties. My cock unfolded, hard, wanting her, even as my breasts and nipples tingled their desire too.

Before I had a chance to explain, before I had a chance to apologize or run away, my cock was in her mouth. I gasped, the first time in a long time anyone had enjoyed the pleasure. Her hands gripped my ass, pulling me in further. My hands reached back onto the wall, trying to find some purchase.

I’d passed for so long, lived as the woman I felt inside, but still I couldn’t give up my cock. It was almost like I was two people, two beings. No. No, I felt like a new being occupying a unique body.

Sometimes I felt confused; other times torn or alone. Every day. But in the few seconds of her question, my answer, and her hunger, I now felt like me, like a person, a hot sexy bitch, instead of a freak.

I panted and cursed as she worked on my cock and balls. I reached into my bra and squeezed my nipple hard. She was so good, I couldn’t help but ease my hand into her hair and gently begin to fuck her face. She didn’t pull back, didn’t let up.

I felt my orgasm rise, but in a instance she stood in front of me. Panting, aching for my cum, I didn’t understand. And then I remembered Louie and Katra; I remembered the game.

Just as quick, though, the Wolf surprised me.

“Fuck me.”

Two words. Two simple words. And yet I hadn’t fucked anyone in ages, hadn’t felt comfortable enough to let anyone in like that, hadn’t felt I could or would do that to or for someone in so long.

As she stood in front of me, her eyes burning into mine, I wanted nothing more than to please her. I suppose this was how she got Louie’s cock in her mouth, how she kept Katra from cuming. The only thing that mattered to me in that moment was being all she ever wanted.

Sliding my hand into hers, I led the way to my bedroom. My apartment was tiny, ordered, tidy. Since my life felt so crazy, I controlled what I could: laundry, dusting, vacuuming. My bedspread still smelled like the dryer sheets, crisp and fresh.

The Wolf still wore her diner outfit: her white tank top, a simple black skirt, black apron, comfortable shoes. All the fabric stuck to her skin from her day’s labor. I peeled off each piece, marveling her body as inch-by-inch it was revealed to me.

When I last pulled off her shirt (her perky B-cups required no bra) I fully took in the enormity and scope of her tattoo, stopped in stunned awe. I found myself tracing the lines of ink on her back with my fingertips, my nails, and finally my tongue.

The Wolf rested her hands on my bed, arching her back, moaning softly. She reached back and felt I was yet still erect, my cock peeking from under my skirt. She pulled hard, stroking my shaft firmly.

I opened the top drawer of my end table and pulled out a condom. She took the condom from my hand, again sunk to her knees, and placed the prophylactic on me. She stroked me still, looking straight into my eyes again.

Gripping her arms, I raised her up and softly pushed her back onto my bed. Brushing my hand against the side of her thigh, her ass, I slid up to grip her hip as I entered her. She arched her back up, bucking her hips into mine, burning a beautiful image into my mind of her closed lids, open mouth, and perfect breasts, all on display for me.

Her hands found my shirt and pulled it off. I reached back, unsnapped my bra, and flung it away. She began kissing and sucking on my breasts as I continued to slowly thrust in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around my waist. We slowly rocked, locked into each other, grinding, fucking as I had never before.

“Harder.” She said it as both an order and a plea.

I obeyed, now ramming into her. Her nails dug into my back. Her teeth bit down on my shoulder. The pain she gave fueled me. I fucked her harder still.

I then felt the grip on my cock as her first orgasm came. She breathed and moaned her joy into my ear.

“Don’t stop.” I didn’t. I couldn’t.

Again she came, her body convulsing, her moans still in my ear. Hearing her, feeling her, being so near this amazing being… I felt as if I’d been touched by something divine.

“Cum with me.” And I did.

Sweaty, exhausted, barely able to move on my bed, we laid in heaps, breathing heavy. After a time, she slowly curled into my arms. I pulled her in, not wanting to let her go.

I knew the name on her work tag was a lie. Knew if I tried to ask her questions she’d probably leave. Instead I waited, hoping she would open up, hoping she’d somehow know what I wanted, that I craved more beyond her body.

When our breathing came back to normal, she did begin talking. She spoke about her family, how she’d grown up, why she left and would never go back. She talked about her crappy apartment and okay job, and how it was all heaven compared to what she came from.

In my arms, against my skin, she felt nothing how I’d imagined, and exactly how I’d dreamed.

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