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They made me scream Narnia instead of their names or any preferred curse word while I came.


PrudeNate had his fist inside me as N3rddom held a Hitachi Magic Wand to my clit, and all the while I am screaming.

Narnia. Seriously.

Would this be an example of humiliation play?

Friday night was an April birthdays celebration, filled with beatings and bitches and sex sex sex. So basically a good time.

My evening really kicked into high gear when I spied a gentleman wearing a glove with a chain wrapped around his hand. With slight prodding from my friends, I got up and introduced myself. About fifteen seconds later I was bent over the arm of the couch enduring a taste of his blows. Talk about thuddy.

Then somehow BlackBeard (the host for evening) and the chain-gloved gentleman were both hitting me at the same time, their punches landing on opposite sides. Aiming for the meat of my ass and the sides of my thighs, I fell with each blow.

BlackBeard kept yelling for me to stand back up, which I did happily, until what became the final blows, when my body buckled and I collapsed into the couch, landing on my ass. The sides of my thighs still ache from that experience, which maybe lasted two minutes.

My body warmed up, I slouched on the couch, smiling and happy.

With the complaint of those in attendance concerning the high quantity of clothing and the low quantity of nudity, clothes soon came off. I, however, was not one to just disrobe. I had to give a show.

When the moment presented itself, I cued up my usual song, and placed myself in an opportune viewing area. Of course, most everyone turned to watch.

This ended up being a blessing and a curse. It fed my need to be watched, admired, my secret narcissism, but these were not quiet folk. For the first time, as I stripped, I was heckled.

“I’d better read about this is your blog.”

Request granted.

Because my act involved audience participation, and I wore a different outfit than usual, my dance was more playful, more creative. I took risks, and was rewarded for my efforts. Dollar bills found their way into my bra. And BlackBeard, ever the gentleman, made it rain for me.

Of course everyone loved my signature move (my booty pop, with my fingers pointing to my ass for added emphasis).

Soon after my dance I found myself on the floor with PrudeNate, N3rddom, and CandleLover all tormenting me. Sometimes I get spoiled.

We didn’t count my cums, even though there was mention of my all time record, accomplished with PrudeNate about a year ago (42 orgasms in one hour and forty-five minutes).

Instead there were mental torments, giggles, and vibrator & fist induced glee.

At one point, it was so good I wanted to call out to my (as yet non-existent) Daddy, thanking him for my pleasure. Thankfully I was cognisant enough to know screaming “Daddy” rather loudly would’ve been odd and inappropriate to say the least.

After my fisting, most of us transitioned downstairs to BlackBeard’s dungeon. There was an energetic threesome involving two lovely women, BlackBeard, a spanking bench, and a strap-on. PrudeNate, N3rddom, CandleLover spent some quality time of their own on the soft carpeted floor. I leaned against the wall and enjoyed the dual views.

Later that night, I was given the privilege of blacking BlackBeard’s boots again, buffing them to a high shine.

My night ended with the sounds of singing and guitar playing as BlackBeard and an impromptu chorus of kinky folk sang songs as varied as those in attendance.

A good night, I hope, was had by all.

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