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At That Moment…

…my head was on his right boot. His left boot was on my back. I was naked, except for the ass hook in my ass. I was…pleased.

At that moment, I heard him typing on his Mac, his goal near accomplishment.  And once he hit publish, he removed his left boot and turned the screen towards me.

“I may misdirect, but I never bluff.”

There it was, emblazoned on my blog. A momento of our scene. A token to symbolize the hour and a half we spent together, both of us gaining information.

My arms were tired. My legs were tired. My nipples were sore. My clit was still warm. My head was still stuffed up.

He let me put my head in his lap, rubbed my back, and caressed my hair. I didn’t need him to fetch anyone else. We remained there as we both came back.

“I like your tummy,” I said. I just felt like saying it.

He needed water. I crawled away from him, the glint of metal still in my ass as I swiveled my hips in my task. I stumbled a little, but made my way into the Dungeon, found his refreshment, and brought it back. My head returned to his lap.

After a while, I sat back and smiled. I laid against the blue matts. We just kind of looked at each other for a bit.

“You still have an ass hook in your ass.”
“Yes I do.”

It had been intense. More than intense. I had pushed myself further than I ever expected I could. I loved that he pushed me.

And then he revealed a little secret: the pepper wasn’t a habenero, but it burned enough all the same.

As we eventually gathered up our things, my riped off clothing and his toys, he wanted to try one more stimulus.

He had three small hooks. One went into my nose. The other two went into the sides of my mouth. Using rope, he pulled them all taut.

“I guess I shouldn’t have taken the ass hook out.”
“No, you shouldn’t have.”

I didn’t want to. I really didn’t want to. I had no idea how much I would love it. Love it. But he was cleaning up, putting away his toys and recoiled rope. We were winding down. I was being polite, too polite.

Something else to try, next time…

Oh, and he found his Ow stick. It was in the grass, hidden by the dim light. He gave me matching ow’s on each of my breasts. Two more bruises as trophies from our scene.

[For context (or for those who happened to miss it): At The Moment…]

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