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Interrogation part 3

“Yes, this will work great.”

Having taken off his gloves, Gray again pulled out his butterfly knife. After examing my gag and approving of his plan, he cut two slits into the very damp piece of fabric.

He then pulled out the pepper.

I had heard the story earlier. One of my cabinmates had taken a class, presented by Dart earlier that day, in which Gray had on the spot volunteered for a demo.

It started with Gray doing pushups, but that proved too easy. Dart had Gray stop, holding plank position. Dart then pulled out a pepper, that pepper, and put it into Gray’s mouth. Dart then used two long pieces of duct tape to keep Gray’s mouth closed and the pepper in place.

For added measure, some mousetraps below Gray were also thrown in. Dart called this “introducing stimuli.” For his troubles, Gray received the pepper. Lucky me.

“This is a habenro pepper.” He slipped the pepper into the slits he’d created in my gag.

“Don’t bite down. And don’t drop this. If you drop this, I will use these.” Gray unzipped his little green pouch and pulled out one of its many treats, two very mean looking pincers.

“And if not the pincers, I have large gauge needles. You know how those work. I go in at the top lip, out, through the bottom lip, out, and I bend up the needle, so you can’t open your mouth.”

There was no way I was dropping that fucking pepper.

“How’s that support leg?” Gray, ever the nice guy, kicked my left leg multiple times. I took the pain, bopped around, and then made myself stand up tall in an attempt to breathe easier.

The one thing I had going for me was the heat, so thick you could cut it with Gray’s blade. For as long as I stood, with most of my weight on my left leg, I should have been in more pain. And though my treadmill time probably was also an aid, I’m sure the extreme heat helped keep my left leg from cramping.

But wait, there is always more…

Seeing me stand up, balacing on my heel, Gray wanted to add one more layer of stimulus. When he came back with the nipples clamps, the cursing began even before he put them on.

As soon as he attached the clamp to my right nipple, I immediately started sobbing. My cries before from his blows were yelps and grunts, moans and sighs. This now was just straight tears and snot running down my face. It was some of the worst pain of my life.

For an added bonus, Gray looped the chain of the clamps around my gag before attaching to my left nipple. Now if I bent my head forward I pulled on the ass hook, but if I bent my head backward I pulled on the nipple clamps.

“Don’t worry. Your nipples will go numb in about ten minutes.”

They never went numb.

Such a sadistic fuck. And we weren’t done yet.

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