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My third and final tie for Fusion occurred early Saturday night.

Nomad, Lynk, and I met up by the Barn, standing on the outskirts of an event, the Kinky Circus.

Nomad and I then headed towards the Dungeon as Lynk stayed a moment to speak to someone briefly.

As the two of us stepped onto the gravel path leading up to the tennis court, Lynk slipped up beside me. I jumped a little, not realizing he had caught up, and said, “Dude, you’re ninja.”

We’d decided to have our rope time at the circular truss on the tennis court just outside the Dungeon. When we initially met up, it was 8pm. The Sun was low in the sky, but still bright enough for us to work.

I emptied out my rope kit and began to rig my ring. As I threw up my webbing, Lynk offered to assist me. Leaping, he grabbed a lower rung of the truss and slipped my webbing threw.

As Nomad looked up, she wasn’t sure how she would rig her equipment. She merely had two interlocked carabeners, along with a swivel, attached to her ring.

I asked her for a length of rope and decided I would climb on top of the truss to rig her ring. Again Lynk offered to help instead. He leaped, flipped up, and locked his legs above.

“You could use the ladder,” I said, referring to the ladder portion of the truss I had begun to climb before his offer of aid.

“What’s the fun in that?” He then lifted his body up and over and laid across the top of the truss.

Tossing up the rope, he looped the line through the truss and let it back down to me. I tied a knot on Nomad’s ring and then tied a set of ascending half hitches. When I could no longer reach, Lynk took over, finishing off the rope for me.

Our equipment secured, Nomad started her self suspension and I started my practice with Lynk.

I explained to him the ties I wanted to perform. First I would give him a simple inversion with a hip harness and an ankle cuff. Then I would attach a chest harness and thigh cuff, giving him a face up suspension.

We began. Using a Swiss seat, I encouraged him to adjust the lines for comfort as I tied. The humidity did not allow my hemp rope to fly across skin as normal, but I made due. Attaching an ankle cuff, I was ready to lift him.

I tied a lifting line to his hip harness and picked up his center. I asked him if he was ready. He was.

I asked Lynk to sit into his harness and then lifted his ankle cuff, pulling the line all the way through one of my carabeners. He was upside down.

I asked him how he felt. He was good, except the hip harness was biting a bit. Lynk is quite fit. While up, he realized his frame possessed very little padding for my ropes.

I let him down slowly. He stood, and I eased down some stress on the lifting line of his hip harness. For future suspensions, he would ask for more lines around his middle.

We transitioned to the next tie. I wrapped rope around his chest creating a simple harness. I attached a line from his chest to my ring. Checking that he was ready, I lifted his chest and hips. Tying a line to his thigh, I lifted his leg. Finally again rose his ankle.

Once more, he was doing well. I asked about his neck, seeing if he wanted some extra support. Like my tie with EvilMike, I quaded my rope, slipped it behind his head, and took the rope to my ring.

Lazing in my ropes, Lynk remarked how he now understood why people liked suspensions so much. He said he could lay in it for hours.

As he gently swayed, quietly meditating, I looked back to check on Nomad. She was up in the air, suspended sideways, adjusting her ropes.

As she worked and Lynk lazed, I smiled.

As the Sun’s light grew dim, I began letting Lynk down. By the time all my ropes were on the ground, coiled and put away, the light was gone.

Lynk went up and came down safely, a new convert to suspension. He was a successful, and my last, Fusion rope practice.

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