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~ a story ~

“What are you afraid of?”

I stood at the top of the diving platform, daring to look over the edge. The pool looked much smaller from up there, a Dixie cup I was attempting to not miss.

“Mer, just jump. You’ll love it!”
“Shut up, Pike! I don’t need your encouragement.”

What I needed was to breathe and remember why I had decided to do this. Why had I decided to do this?

Pike was talking about his diving days in college, his Olympic hopes, his disappointment at not qualifying, but his joy at teaching kids most summers.

He talked about the rush he felt each time he leapt from the platform, the falling through the air, and then splashing hard into the water. The thrill, the adrenalin, the warm air and then cool water. Oh, the rush.

As he climbed up, I got nervous for him. It had been years since he had attempted such a feat. But he leapt, tucked, and somersaulted like any normal person would step back onto a bike. He broke the surface of the water, cutting it like butter. When his head popped up, his smile filled his face.

I wanted to feel that, the rush, the thrill. I needed to feel something that good. I needed to let myself fall.

“Just step off. That’s all you have to do. Commit, and then do it.”

Truer words were never spoken, yet he of all people knew they were the hardest for me.

I couldn’t recall the last time I had committed to anything, or anyone. And, as I stood on that platform, nerves knotting my stomach and locking my limbs, I looked down on one commitment I wanted to make.

Maybe this was it. Maybe taking this leap, letting myself fall, would be enough to let myself fall for him. I wanted to, and I’d felt his interest. Maybe I could just leap.


As my toes broke the water, my knees bent from the force of gravity and the pool slowing my decent. My skin tingled as bubbles swarmed around me and then rose to the surface. As my head bobbed up, I gasped for air.

“That was amazing!”

Pike swam over, and hugged me tight, lifting my frame mostly out of the water. I settled my hands on his shoulders, smiled wide, and kissed him. Softly, sweetly, he kissed back.

And right there and then, I fell.

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