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There It Is

~ erotica ~

I can hear the rest of the party in the background. The loud DJ. The coworkers laughing and dancing in the awkward drunk way drunk people do.

The door is locked. The door…is…locked. I locked the door when we snuck in, I think. God, I hope I locked the door.

She smells so good. She smells so…fruity, berry, something good.

Her lips taste so right. God, I love the taste of her lips. And the lime tinge of her drink still on her tongue.

The feel of her thighs, crotch grinding against my leg. My hand gripping her ass, pulling her closer. My fingers entangled in her hair.

Our breaths, so heavy. Her tongue, my tongue. We are kissing. Holy shit, we are kissing! I am making out with her in the supplies closet! Holy shit!

The feel of her body against me. Sucking on her neck. Oh, that sound. Her little lilt, and then a sigh. 

Her hands in my hair, gripping my hair, pulling me in closer. She loves this. Good, cause I love doing this to her.

Teeth? Yes, teeth. Is she moaning? Teeth and suck and her neck and her scent and her body against me and our breathing and fuck…

How long have we been in here? Fuck, I don’t care.

Against the wall, the cool dark supplies room wall. Could I? Should I? Slowly. Do it slowly.

Fingertips, fingernails, softly scratch, down the side of her ass. Fingertip. Hook the skirt. Dance on the edge. Will she? Will she? Up a little. A little more. God I feel how near I am. I feel the heat of her crotch.

I just want to… I just want to… I just want her to cum. I want to hear her cum.

Just a little flick. A light little touch. A soft circle. That was definitely a moan. A harder circle. A harder circle. Two fingers. Her hips. Her hips are in rhythm with me. Fuck, I want her to cum.

Faster. Faster. Faster. She smells so good.

Faster. Her moans, oh God her moans.

Faster. Faster.

Is she building? Is she building? Her hands are gripping harder. Her hips are grinding harder.

Faster. Faster. Faster. Faster. Faster.

This. Is. It. This. Is. It.

There it is.

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