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A Good Time

With my current class dismissed, I drifted back down to the basement where I found lunch had magically appeared. I wasn’t hungry yet, so I wandered into the dungeon next door.

MattP was finishing up his Dropping Bitches class and I was able to catch a bit of the knot he used to secure his ring, the knot which allowed him to “drop bitches.”

As I watched, I noticed Rough was also in the room. He sat on the floor at the edge of the large wrestling mat working with some webbing.

“Are you making your rope fist?” I asked. I had remembered seeing his demo video of the technique.
“No,” he said simply.

Instead he asked Inretrepida for assistance, who was sitting on the mat near him. Scooting over, she now sat cross-legged in front of him.

Rough had knotted the long webbing piece, creating a ball at the end. Swinging the webbing, he hit Inretrepida on the thigh once, twice. Grabbing her shoulder, he pulled her torso down and landed two blows on her back as well.

After his strikes, he asked her how they felt. She said the hits to her thighs were stingy while those on her back were more thuddy, but both had lots of weight behind them. Experiment complete. Rough returned the webbing to Matt and sat back on the floor.

From somewhere inside me came inspiration and a boldness I didn’t think was possible. Easing towards Rough, I asked him if he was busy. He asked me why I inquired. I knelt in front of him, setting aside my notebook and glasses.

“Could you kiss me?” A questioning look crept onto his face.

I explained that Symetrie had dismissed the class, encouraging us to go practice what we had learned. The expression on his face changed yet again, but before he could say anything, I decided to be totally, bluntly, brutally honest.

“Okay, really I wanted to kiss you and I needed an excuse.”

And yet again, before he could say anything, I turtled, growing more and more self conscious and nervous and embarrassed by the nano-second.

And then I ran away.

I scurried out of the dungeon back into the basement proper. But just as soon as I escaped, finding my Hello Kitty bag beside a nearby couch, I realized I had left my notebook inside the dungeon. I had to go back.

As a peace offering, I searched my bag and grabbed a piece of gum. I also tossed a piece in my mouth just in case I hadn’t totally ruined my chances for the day.

Creeping back inside, Rough had stood up and was talking to others in the room. I swung my arm towards him, quietly and non-verbally offering the small stick of gum. He playfully batted my hand away.

I walked back over to where I’d sat, picked up my notebook, and drifted back to the group. Using my words, I officially made a peace offering to him with the gum. He accepted. I relaxed a little.

Chatting with MattP, the topic of Shibaricon came up. Flipping through my notebook, I finally found the entry for Wykd_Dave’s One Rope class. I noted how I had so much written for other presentations but my notes from One Rope were short and simple, maybe five lines. Still, those were two very intense hours of learning.

Looking to my left, Gray approached the entrance to the dungeon. I stepped over to him and we began chatting. As we spoke, he poked my thighs and stomach. I jumped and yelped accordingly.

And then he began pressing into the cleft between my thighs and my crotch. I began moaning. Sinking into this moment with him, I leaned forward and our heads touched. My lips were by his ear, my sounds for him to hear.

“I’m glad you’re having fun,” Gray said.
“How could I not?” I asked.
“And just so that you know, I’m getting hard just from this.”

I dropped to one knee from the pain… and from the possibility of helping him with his current physical state. His right hand still applied pressure while his left now gripped my hair.

“And no, you may not cum.”

He let both his hands go and I dropped to both my knees. My lips immediately formed a pout.

“You can always talk to someone else about it.” And then he turned and walked away.

I crawled over to a nearby bench, crossed my arms, and slumped my face onto the bench.


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