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~ a fictional truth ~

When you came home, tired from work, grumpier than normal. When you flopped down on the couch, kicked off your shoes, and said you wanted nothing more than to be left alone. When I slowly crept beside you, and softly asked if you wanted me to rub your shoulders. Or fix you dinner. Or just leave you alone for an hour. When I asked in the way I know is soothing to you, whether you know it or not.

That was me taking care of you, being there for you, telling you how much you mean to me.

When you left for work this morning, rushed as ever, focusing on your day’s endeavours. When you couldn’t pick out the right look for your big presentation. When you couldn’t remember where you’d placed your keys. When you almost walked out the door without your lunch. Or your scarf, even though it’s been freezing outside all day for days. When I picked just the right look, found your keys, wrapped your scarf around your neck, and kissed you bye as you rushed off.

That was me being your champion, your cheerleader, the person who always has faith in you, the person who knows how great you are, telling you how great you can be.

When we slipped off to sleep in each others arms, our breathing the only noise in our room. When I nuzzled my cheek against your skin. When I sighed in that way I sometimes do when falling asleep, allowing my body and my breath to fall into you.

That was me telling you how comforting you make me feel, how safe my world is when I’m with you, how you are my home.

When you kissed me, your lips so gentle against mine. When your hands explored my body. When I arched my back, breathed heavy into your ear, and whispered dirty thoughts your way. When I relaxed and let my body be with your flesh. When I came.

That was me telling you how much I want you, need you, desire you, love you.

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