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Text me, don’t knock.

I took my things upstairs. Dumped my kit just inside the door. Then walked across the hotel. Made my way up to the suite. 


A few breaths later, the door opened. The room was dark. I stepped inside. Saw shoes by the front. Thought, to be polite, I should take off my boots.

I sat my jacket and water bottle on a table. Bent down. Went for a lace.

He grabbed me by my hair. Pulled me into his room. Closed the door. Threw me against the bed. I stumbled, knees on the floor, leaning against the mattress.

“Now you can take off your boots.”

I stood. Leaned against the tall bed. Reached down. Unlaced my first boot. Tugged it off. Threw it and my sock aside. Repeated. My lacing, intricate, takes time to unwind.

He sat on a comfy chair in the corner. I took off my badge. Put it on a table. Rested my glasses next to it.

I sat on the floor at the corner of the bed. Faced him. Had one knee up. Pulled my legs in tight. Looked at him as he read.

“Why are you wearing your dress?”

I turned around. Stood up on my knees. Reached down. Pulled my gray mesh dress off. Made sure to wiggle my ass. Unhooked my bra. Flung my clothes in the pile with my boots.

“How many RopenSpace tattoos do you have?”
“Not many. Just four.”

I smiled. One of the of temporary tattoos sat just above my ass crack. His comment reminded me.

“Take off my boots.”

I crawled over to him. Went for his left foot first. Rolled his pant leg up. Unlaced his leather. Spread the two sides. Worked the laces loose. Rested my head on the toe. My hands held his heal. He pulled his foot out. I set his boot to my right. Worked on his right. Put it by its mate.

“Would you like to taste my cock?”

I reached up. Unbuttoned his pants. Pulled out his cock. Took him into my mouth. Licked his balls. Enjoyed it all. I’d missed the taste and feel of him.

He stood up. Pushed down his slacks. They landed in a puddle by his ankles.

“Take off my pants.”

I pulled them from his feet. Put the fabric by his boots.

He grabbed my hair. Fucked my face. I sat on my feet. Rested my hands on the small of my back. Took him as he wished.

“You make it so hard to just read and go to bed.”

After 69 and 96. After fisting and rimming. Titty fucking and cuming.  Passed out.  Slept.  And the next morning I did the walk of pride, happiness, and enjoyment back to my hotel room.

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