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Daily Zen

I’m not a religious person. When pressed by someone to give an answer, I’ve said in the past I’m pseudo-Christian. I was baptized Catholic. Went to Catholic school for seven years. But my mother converted to Baptist before I started either of those schools. And, when once asked by her, I bluntly said her religion was not for me (a brave and strong willed act, considering I was 14 at the time).

Catholicism is definitely not my bag. I’m too feminist to reclaim that mantel, though I did love the ritual and pageantry of it. Baptists have their music and community atmosphere, but again my morals won’t let me be a part of a religion that goes so heavily against my views.

Mostly, I feel adrift when it comes to religion. Sometimes I wonder if there is anything to believe in at all.

But then I get this feeling that there is something, some sort of life force in the universe. I can’t really name it. I just know when I see the beauty of a flower, or think about the enormity of our world, and worlds beyond. Or the fact that I have two amazing nieces born from my friends’ love, no matter the form it took, I tear up. That life essence is something, though I don’t know what.

Lately, in trying to find center in my own life, both personal and professional, I’ve come upon a random resource to calm the raging storm: Daily Zen. It’s a group on FetLife that I joined which posts one or two Zen proverbs each day. I read them, take them in, let my mind linger on their thoughts. It helps.

I am by no means actively seeking out religion or a new way of being for myself. But I appreciate the words. They center me. Make me concentrate on, think about something other than parts of my life I, at times, view as petty or frivolous.

And, since this is my blog, I get to do what I want. Henceforth, I will occasionally share those words with you.

I already have two podcasts: PoeticReadsGray & Daddy’s Good Girl. Instead of launching a third, I’m going to occasionally include voice snippets in this blog. Nothing big. Each proverb usually is only a minute or two.

But when the words move me. Make me think. Get me to stop the constant chatter of no-good-very-bad things rolling around in my head, I’ll share them with you.

Here are two to start:

listen to ‘DZ_Flower Shower’ on Audioboo
listen to ‘DZ_Real Prosperity’ on Audioboo

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