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Friday was all about movement.  Coming back to camp after a fun evening and morning with D3.  Moving my bootblack kit to one cabin.  Moving it again when I arranged to black a friend’s boots.  Scurrying across campus to demo bottom for a class.  Going right back across the grass to black another friend’s boots and pants.  Rushing to dinner.  I barely stayed still all day.

So it was no wonder that, when I sat down with my plate of food, Gray looked up at me and said, “Boymeat is looking for you.”

It was 7:15pm.  I ate fast.

I didn’t know where Boymeat was, nor did I know how to find him.  I did know, though, that I had a handfasting to attend at 8pm and I was not going to be late.  I shoveled food into my mouth while trying to keep up a pleasant conversation with the folks around me.

As I finished my meal, I felt two elbows rest on my shoulders.  I looked up.

“I have been looking for you for two and a half hours.”

Boymeat had finally found me.

“Meet me by the pool.”

“But the handfasting is at 8.”

“I’m going to pee on you as soon as you step outside.”

He walked away.  I jumped up, grabbed my plate.  Placed my dirty dishware aside.  Asked a friend to take my things back to my cabin.  I headed towards the exit nearest the pool.

Boymeat leaned against a trash can talking with a few friends.  My steps were quick, but my guts were twisted up inside.  Nerves gripped every part of me as I approached him.

“Go lay over there in the grass.”

“But, my clothes?  And…  I like it when people make me take my clothes off.”

“Take off your fucking clothes.”

I quickly stripped, left the few pieces of fabric by his feet.

I turned around.  Walked towards the grass, shaking from anticipation.  Laid down on the cool mound, my head slightly uphill of my body.

I took only a few breaths before he walked over.  Looked down on me.  Cigarette lit and in his mouth.

He pulled out his cock.

He started with small squirts.  A small amount on my stomach.  My legs.  Across my chest.  While he circled around me, smoking all the while, he flicked his cigarette ash onto me.  I felt dirty, nasty, utterly filthy, and so very aroused.

He moved back towards my legs.  Had me spread them wide.  And then he peed.  A long strong stream onto my clit.  Warmth and pressure.  I could feel it rising.

I asked permission.  He gave it.

I gripped the grass.  The muscles in my abdomen tensed and released.  I breathed and moaned, cuming in the grass as Boymeat peed on me.

When he finished, he shook his cock, getting the last few drops onto me.  Then he stepped to my head and looked down on me.  I lifted my face, took his cock into my mouth, and sucked.

I was a filthy little whore, and I loved every moment of it.

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