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Monday Evening Fun

~ erotica ~


He’d just gotten home from work, his three piece suite wrinkled from his long day.

He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me.  The short skirt of my strapless dress barely covered my ass.  My heels accentuated my rump even more so.

I leaned up against the wall, glancing at him over my shoulder, a perfect view of my rear for his pleasure.  His eyes fell on my ass as I had hoped.

He looked tired.  I knew he must’ve had a rough day; Mondays usually were.

“Missed you while you were at work.”

I purred my words, then swayed my ass to an imaginary beat.

He put down his briefcase, not acknowledging my show, but his eyes never left my rump.

I continued to pop my hips, moving my ass back and forth, back and forth.

He took off his jacket, drapped it over his desk chair, his stare fixed on my rear.  His vest joined his jacket.

I decided to be bolder.  I bent my knees, eased myself down towards the floor.  His eyes followed my ass.  Low to the ground, I began popping my ass up and down.

I watched as he loosed his tie, unbuttoned his cuffs, and rolled up his shirt sleeves.

“Did you miss me while you were at work?”

He looked up at my face, making eye contact for the first time.

“Yes,” he said.  “I did.”

In a heartbeat, he had me.  He grabbed my hair and pulled me to standing.  I bobbled a bit, grabbing his arm.  He brought my face to his.  My eyes would not look away from his gaze.

He took my previous place against the wall, leaning back and looking at me, his pet.

He used his grip on my hair to pull me into him.  My hands found the wall for balance, but I didn’t need it.  My cheek rested on his right shoulder.  His right leg was against my crotch.

His free hand reached down.  My skirt was already half up.  He pulled it the rest of the way, revealing my ass for his view.

He gripped my right cheek, grinding my crotch against his leg.  I couldn’t help but sigh.  He squeezed my flesh, then rubbed my ass.

This was my favorite part, the anticipation.  Waiting for the first strike.  Knowing what was coming.  I felt as my wetness soaked his slacks.

The first smack was hard, the sound echoing through the room.  I gasped.  Most often he started with a few warm-up hits.  He hit again, then gripped my flesh.  My body responded, writhing against his leg.

I decided to push a little more.  My hands slipped down the wall, onto his lower back, then onto his ass.  He smacked me again.  And again.  With each hit, I ground against his leg, gripped his ass, and pulled myself more onto him.

My breathing increased.  Gasps no longer escaped my lips.  My sounds turned to moans as the tension in me grew.  Again and again, with each new hit, I panted my pleasure.

He started grinding into me, writhing against my leg.  I could hear his pleasure build in his exertion.  His cock grew hard.  We both built towards crescendos.

I started cursing, then begging him to let me cum.  He bent my head back, looked into eyes, a wry smile on his face.  He never stopped his cadence of hits.

“On the fifth hit, all of which I will count, you can cum.  You know they will be the hardest.  I don’t make anything easy.  Easy is too boring for us.”

I returned his grin.

“Are you ready?”


Hit. “One.

Hit. “Two.

Hit. “Three.

Hit. “Four.”

He stopped.

His hand let go of my hair.

He stood up straight, brought his leg out from my crotch.  He walked towards his closet, picked up his jacket and vest, and hung both up.

“I.  I.”

He looked back at me, his wry smile even bigger.  He pulled off his tie, hung it up too.

“What?”  he said.  I stood there, dumbfounded and disappointed.

I walked to my side of the bed as he continued to undress.  By the time I sat, he was down to his undershirt, boxers, and black socks, each disrobed article put away in the process.

I turned away from him, kicked off my heels next to my end table, and pouted.

He bounded across the bed.  His grip in my hair turned my body and pushed my face into our sheets.

Hit.  “Five.”

His cock entered me less than a breath after his final count left his lips.

I came with him inside me, fucking me hard, the start of our Monday evening fun.

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