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1.1.17 Goals

New Year’s thoughts for improving myself and my life:

1- Write. Going for a blog a day again, but with the caveat that length is not a requirement. Expect frequent flash erotica and diatribes about my day.

2- Pay down my debt. Before I incur a massive amount of student loan debt from med school, I’d like to significantly decrease my credit card balances.

3- Divest myself of stuff. Preferably, when I move for school, I’ll be able to fit whatever I still own into a 5X5 storage container.

4- Move more. Get into a weekly running and stretching/yoga routine. Baby steps to a healthier me.

5- Adulting better. Regular schedule of cleaning my room. Cook and freeze more meals. Declutter my things.

Each is an incremental process that takes time, patience, and diligence.

Thus I start 2017.

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