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TK was super cute and super nerdy. He just left. My nipples are sore. I am smiling.

TK was a Tinder date. He has four cats at home, therefore I will NEVER go to his house.

I invited him over to my place with the caveat that we weren’t going to have sex. Cuddles? Sure. Making out? Maybe. But sex? Not on the first encounter.

I was wrong.

TK jacked off twice to make sure he wasn’t too horny. I should have done the same, but alas…

TK is taller than me, which I appreciated. He indeed did not lie about his stats on the app.

He was also just as attractive as his pictures portrayed. He reminded me of an anime boy cause he is one.

Before we made it to my bedroom, we drank ciders on my couch and talked about all the different shows we’ve been watching. We had some nerdiness in common.

When we transitioned to my room, we curled up on my bed to watch some of the latest Verzuz: Bow Wow vs. Soulja Boy.

My little spoon fit into his big spoon well. I wore leggings without underwear. He began rubbing my leg. I started softly moaning.

We kissed. He is a good kisser. We kiss well together.

He started rubbing on my breasts. As I thought to tell him he could suck on my nipples, he began to do so on his own.

And that was all she wrote.

“I didn’t expect to have sex tonight.”
“Neither did I, but you started sucking on my nipples, so here we are.”

We fuck well together. He loves breasts. I have a few marks from him around and near my nipples. He is also okay with marks. I filed that away for next time.

His dick was of an adequate size. His stroke was B+ in techique. He smacked my ass and pulled my hair, so extra points for that.

We finished with him sucking on my nipples while I rode my vibrator.

I called it a late birthday present for him (he’s a June birthday) and an early birthday present for me (two weeks away).

TK, a good fuck and a good time.

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