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Thanks For The Blanket

~a whimsical poem~

I fuck on the blanket you gave me.

I sleep under it naked, too.

It’s super comfy; 

I’m surprised you gave it up so easily.

Tossed it to me like it was nothing. 

You were moving. 

We all were. 

I guess it was lost in the shuffle of your new life.

I touch myself under it, 

tangle my limbs in its comfort 

as I cum for me and my fantasies.

It’s become my favorite blanket.

I don’t think about you when I lay above and below it, 

touch it, 

caress it.

Instead I think about all the dick, 

that’s not your dick, 

it’s helped me get.

Sweat and semen in its stitching. 

My screams muffled in the seams.

It’s red; 

almost too perfect of a color choice

considering the amorous encounters it’s experienced. 

Oh, the stories it could tell about the fun I’ve been having.



This position.

That position. 

And oh, the dirty talk. 

I kind of wonder if it’s really red 

or if it’s blushing.

So yeah D, 

thanks for the blanket.

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