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Friends with Strangers

~ New Year’s Eve ~

I knew I would be ovulating during the New Year’s holiday which meant I knew I would be horny all the time. I would wake up horny. I would walk around horny. It was just going to be my existence for a few days. 

Best friend stayed at my place Thursday night. We did not fuck. I specifically wore clothes to bed so I would not even hint at wanting to fuck best friend. Like I said before, I love best friend, but I do not want to fuck him.

Best friend woke up before me and headed out into the living room. I laid in bed, awake, sitting in the fact that I was horny. I had a decision to make: rub one out or ride out the angst for the day.

I chose to rub one out. It was a good decision. 

At first I worried about best friend hearing me. And then I remembered he is a grown ass man and it was my fucking apartment.

I kept my night clothes on (cause lazy), shoved my dildo up my cunt (cause I’m greedy), and humped my vibrator while listening to a problematic singer. That nut was good.

The rest of the morning was spent in mundane fun with the bestie. We went grocery shopping so I could cook traditional New Year’s foods. We went to the liquor store for supplies. (We were suppose to day drink cause vacation.) And, spur of the moment, we got pedicures. My toes are currently a sparkly gold.  I’m hoping it manifests wealth and abundance for my year.

When we got back, I started cooking, and then he had to leave. Previous plans.

I was nervous, spending New Year’s by myself. I am a person who needs other people. I have accepted this, so going into this holiday evening I mentally set myself up with small victories in mind.

One: Get dressed up. Like really dressed up. Shave. Do my hair. Put on makeup. Pick out a sexy outfit. Premiere the bad bitch coat. (I bought a bad bitch coat a while back but had yet to have a worthy function to which to wear it until Friday.)

Two: Go to the bar and get your bubbly. The ticket for the event included Prosecco. I love Prosecco. If I did nothing else, I was going to the bar and getting my (paid for) free drink.

And three: Say hi to the hot bartender and the pretty waitress. Both confirmed they were working the party. Since I bought my ticket right in front of them, at minimum, I wanted to show face.

So, with those three goals in mind, I started getting ready at 8pm. I left out my place at 10pm. 

I looked good. Really good. Red lip. Face beat. Titties up and out. Cute heels on. Bad bitch coat making me feel like a bad bitch. 

I smelled good. Long hot shower. New perfume. Lotion all over my body.

I was feeling myself when I walked out that night.

When I got to the bar, there was a line which was hella annoying. We all had purchased tickets so I didn’t understand why it was taking so long to get everyone into an outdoor bar. 

It just so happened that the two people who stood behind me were two light-skinned sisters in town visiting for the holiday. We got to talking, clicked, and I asked to chill with them for the night. They were down, so there I was having made friends with two strangers.

Inside, we posted up at the bar with the hot bartender hard at work. There would be no flirting, but I still got to admire his work. And he worked, making drink after drink after drink.

I saw the pretty waitress. We hugged in passing as she was on her way to delivery yet more drinks.

My new friends and I nursed our cocktails and chatted. As midnight came around, I was hella happy.  About ten minutes after the ball dropped, half the bar had cleared out. This gave us enough room to get up and start dancing. The DJ was fire. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Around 12:30am, the crowd was 75% gone. I dashed back up to the bar, caught the bartender’s eye, and told him how great he did. “This was chaos. You handled it well. You did a really good job.” He thanked me and I dashed back to my friends.

Highlight of the night for me was dancing the Wobble. Line dances are the fucking best. About twenty of us smiled and shook our asses that night. Good times.

Around 1am, I offered to drive the girls wherever they wanted to go. Their plan was to move to another bar. My plan was my bed. On the way to their next spot, their in-town friend informed them a fight had broken out at the bar. Night ended.

New location: their Air B&B. The girls were sweet enough to CashApp me some money. I texted them when I got home.

It was quite a successful evening. Happy New Year!

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