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I was tagged by the 25 Random Facts thread that’s been going around. Instead of putting this in my facebook, I figured I’d just put it here and lead people to it, i.e. boosting traffic in the easiest way I can think of.

So here goes:

1) My nose is stuffed up.

2) It alternates between being quite cold and quite warm in my office.

3) My boss doesn’t like it when he sees me on the internet not working.

4) I like my job because, at times, there is nothing to do, so I dick around on the internet or write, when no one is looking.

5) My boss does not read my blog.

6) Though I love my job, I often feel like I’m settling in my life.

7) I love my life, even with the settling.

8) If I weren’t so lazy, I would be a completely different person.

9) It should have been obvious to me, from an early age, that my life would have something to do with theatre/entertainment.

10) I starred in two school plays when I was in elementary school (Alice in Wonderland & Heidi).

11) I was in Stage Corps in high school.

12) I once said, in high school, that I would love it if I could live off of lighting/theatre work.

13) I was pleasantly pleased when I learned, in college, people do live off of theatre/production work.

14) As much as I love being a tech, I know I should be writing/acting/directing.

15) There is this huge well of creativity in me that I ignore.

16) I often have dreams that are so vivid and interesting, I jot them down.

16b) These dreams could easily be made into short stories/movies/plays.

17) I think my subconscious does this on purpose, trying to force me to write.

18) I try to watch the Oscars and Golden Globes every year because, deep down, I know I should be there.

19) I use my love for my SO, family, and friends as an excuse to myself for not going to New York/Los Angeles/etc.

20) If I chose to, I wouldn’t have to work for a year.

21) As soon as my COBRA/insurance is worked out, I’m going to start seeing a therapist.

22) There are plenty of people I met in college that I regret not making more lasting friendships with.

23) There is way more going on in my head then I ever let on.

24) I am the prime example of a wealth of potential never fulfilling anyone’s expectations.

25) I like to use /’s and ()’s when I write blogs.

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