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I’m sorry, my few though quite loyal, followers for my absence. Damn, I missed the entire month of December.

The 30+ days I’ve spent, sans blog, were a mixture of awesome and awful. I was at times angry or overjoyed, calm or worried, okay or not okay. Today, though, I’m good. It took the entire month of December for me to get over the shock of my situation and become, dare I say, relieved.

Since I now have no choice but to pursue other means of sustaining myself, I have actually worked on my writing more than ever before. Monday, I completed cleaning up my screenplay. It is number one on a list of about ten projects I hope to accomplish.

Lets be honest: this is not an easy road I’ve chosen. I love writing, have since I was young, and feel the need to do it all the time. But, if I am to make a career out of this, if this is to be my job, I have to start treating it like it’s my job.

I cleared out my office and my laptop now lives on my desk. I’ve committed myself to write four hours, minimum, each day I do not have freelance tech work. Like any beginner, I’ve written inspirational crap and taped it to the wall. I have ideas and dreams, dammit, so I need to start making them realities.

On a more practical note, I paid off my student loans, closed my storage unit, and canceled my gym membership. As much as I have faith in my talent, no one is paying me to do this, yet. Best to pinch pennies where I can, even if it means turning the thermostat down to 60 when my SO’s at work. Electric bill, you will fall.

So that’s where I am: writing a lot, working when I can, and trying to make my dreams come true.

So, do you think I should move on to the insane office comedy or the hot and sweaty romance novel? Thoughts?

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