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– Send me a picture.

* Of what?

– Send me a picture.

* Of… what? 😀

– You know what.

* And yet I keep asking.

– Be creative.

* Ok.

* [image]

* Guess the body part.

– Mmm, a game. I will say… hand.

* Good. Now, your turn.

– [image]

* I don’t have to guess what that is.

– Really? But it’s covered by clothing.

* Its form is distinct.

– Yeah, I like to think so.

* [image]

– Ah, that’s my head rest.

* Correct, and it’s cold without your lips warming it.

– I bet I know somewhere on your body that is very warm.

* And wet.

– I’m sure.

* When do you get home tonight?

– Late.

* Boo. And here I was going to show you my new night shirt.

* [image]

– O.o

– 😀

* Sure you can’t, um, catch a cold?

– I am feeling awfully feverish right now.

* Flushed?

– Positively sweltering.

* Perspiring?

– Buckets.

* Shivers?

– Yes, but for some reason only near my abdomen.

* What an odd symptom.

– Absolutely baffling.

* You should have that looked at. And I, being a doctor and all, would be more than happy to…fit you in.

– Your bedside care?

* Very attentive, hands on healing.

– I will need all your skill to work out the, um, kinks.

* All your kinks will get worked out, as soon as you get your cute ass home.

– Speaking of, can I get one more piece of motivation to get through my day?


* Like?

– Oh yes. Spank you very much.

* You better.

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