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It began like any other night.

I came home late, cause that’s the way my job was. I dragged my tired body into the house, trying to be quiet. I filled the dishwasher, checked the locks on the doors, and walked up to my bedroom.

I stripped off my work clothes, discarding them on the floor, happy I wouldn’t have to wear them for a few days. I left my door open to let the cool hallway air in.

Naked, I grabbed my sleep clothes from the bed. I slipped on my comfy pants, tank top, and hoody.

And then I turned around.

I didn’t know how long he’d been standing there. Had he watched it all, my disrobing as well as me putting on my pj’s.

Why had he said nothing?

And then I saw the look in his eyes.


In three breathtaking steps, he bounded forward, his hands upon me. My pants slid just as easily off as they had on. Grabbing the opening of my jacket, which I hadn’t zipped up, he peeled it off like the rind of an orange on a hot summer day. My tank top almost flew in the air.

At once I was on my back on my bed. His hands held down my arms. His lips were on my neck, his teeth sinking in.


We had never, ever, done this before. Had he even seen me naked before?


He’d begun sucking on my neck, the best way to make me melt.


His left hand, his dominant hand, had released my arm and now played in my cunt. I bridged my hips, riding his hand hard.


I felt it building, felt my body tensing, until finally, wonderfully, my cunt clamped around his fingers. He’d given me a hard cum, tingly warmth racing throughout my body.

I sunk into my bed, completely at ease.

As soon as I came, his lips released from my neck and his fingers slipped out of my cunt. I spied him licking his digits as he walked towards my door.

“Wait!” I called after. “Why?”

“You looked like you needed to… relax.”

He closed the door behind him. I rolled over, smiled, and fell right to sleep.

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