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On Top

~ Friday night at The Floating World ~

“I don’t know which I like better: sucking your tongue or sucking your cock.” – D3
“Good thing you don’t have to choose.” – me
“Good answer.” – D3

I felt powerful. I was in control. Not only was I the Top, I was the Domme. It was… amazing.

I was nervous, very nervous. I bought the strap-on thinking maybe. Maybe I’ll get to use this. Maybe he’ll want to suck my cock. Maybe.

It was flimsy, purple (not my color), but I wasn’t willing to risk a large amount of money on a maybe. 

I bought a new dildo for it, choosing one that if I didn’t grow the balls, if I never brought it up, I would still like having the new dick in my repertoire of sex toys.

And then we ending up on the futon.

I’d already suspended him. He wore only his boxers and his boots. My dress (cotton with a black top connected to a gray skirt) and boots remained on.

As he had floated in the air, I’d gotten my face down to his level. I’d asked him how he felt. He was flying high.

We kissed. He was in my ropes. His lips were against mine. I expected no more for my night.

But then we were on the futon. 

And he was free of my ropes. And we were kissing. And I looked into his eyes, so close to mine that I could see my reflection.

And I said, “I can see my reflection in your eyes.”
And he said, “You know what I can see in your eyes? You wearing your strap-on and me sucking it.”

And that was it.

I grabbed the harness, put it on, tightened it as best I could, and attached the dildo. I pulled out a condom and handed it to him. He slid it down my cock.

My ass on a chuck, he closed his lips around my cock and began sucking. He gagged. Oh, he gagged. His eyes were locked on me. Lines of saliva dripped from his lips.

I bridged my hips up, fucking his face. I called him my cock slut. I said he loved the feel of my cock in his throat.

There was a hunger, a need in his eyes. My hand on the back of his head, I pushed lightly. That was my mouth and I wanted to fuck it right.

Bucking my hips. Stroking his head. I got my first strap-on blow job.

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