the life and musings of a kinky slut


~ erotica ~


He jammed his cock to the back of my throat. I coughed and gagged. He pulled out.


He did it again.

This time I knew it was coming. I closed my lips around his cock, used my tongue, and opened my throat, accepting his manhood into me.

I loved the taste of his cock. Loved the small drip of his precum. His precum tasted better than any of my other lovers’.

He gripped my hair and fucked my face. My eyes teared up a little. From the pain. From the pleasure. I loved sucking his cock.

He shoved it all the way in and held it. Held it.

I coughed as he pulled out, letting me breathe.


I licked my lips. He shoved his cock back in.

Whenever it came close to being too much, I squeezed my hands together, pushing myself further.
He never wanted me to use my hands. At first he tied them behind my back, but I learned to just leave them there.

I liked the challenge. Taking all of him. Taking as much as he wanted to give. Enduring. Being his fuck toy.

Occasionally, when I was a good little fuck toy, he let me play with his cock. Then I could use my hands. Then I could run my tongue and lips up and down the shaft. Then I could suck on his balls with abandon. I loved sucking on his balls. But that was a treat only for a good little fuck toy.

He pulled out his cock, held one side of my face, and used his cock to slap me. He then slapped the other side of my face with his cock. I loved it when he cock slapped me.


I sucked harder now. I gagged more. I opened my throat further. Licked, sucked, and gagged.

I looked up. I looked into his eyes. I loved the intensity in his eyes. Loved looking at him as he looked at me sucking his cock.

In that moment, that connection, so much more than just my mouth was open.

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