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A Public Transportation Odyssey

When it comes to travel, I am paranoid.

My alarm woke me up Friday at 3:30am. I had a 7:45am flight, but I still needed to bathe and pack my last few things. In my zombified state, it felt like my shower took forever. In reality it was more like thirty minutes.

Next came the shoving of things. With bag space limited, I found a way to finish off my packing even as my body screamed for me to get back into bed.

With my car packed, I was on the road on my way to the airport at 4:45am. I arrived at the airport, obtained my boarding pass, and made my way easily through security.

As I sat in a comfy chair outside of my gate, I realized my paranoia was both a blessing and a curse. Yes, I had made it, very much on time. I was, in fact, early. Too early. I sat in my comfy chair and checked my phone. It wasn’t even 6am yet. Too tired and too paranoid to sleep, I lazed about trying not to hate the world.

A short chat with some nice people right before I boarded made me feel a little better. My nap on the plane made me feel a lot better. With Tessie snuggled in my arms and my music playing in my earbuds, my flight went smoothly.

My layover was short, with enough time to use the restroom and walk onto my next plane. I soon found myself sleeping again as I sailed through the skies towards Minnesota.

Arriving at about noon, I easily grabbed my one checked bag and texted PrincessA. After a brief conversation, it was then I realized she had to work for much of the weekend I would be in her state, including that day.

Thankfully public transportation was plentiful. With the assistance of an attendant at the airport help desk, I learned I just needed to take the light rail to a bus to get to The Naked House. With a quick hot chocolate and monkey bread in my belly, I was on my way.

At first I took the train in the wrong direction, but quickly course corrected. I traveled to the Metro Dome, got off, and waited for a bus. Out of curiosity, I GoogleMapped my travel. Of course it recommended a different route. Trusting the internet over only half of a map I had in my pocket, I walked three blocks to another stop and waited.

This was my first bus. During my second, I realized the helpful attendant’s mistake as we passed by one of the light rail stations before the stop I used. I could have skipped one of my buses and a few of my stops on the train.

Still, I was heading in the right direction. And though the route was circuitous, I ended up being dropped me off only two blocks from my initial destination.

As I walked those last few feet, a wave of relief washed over me. It was now 2:30pm. I had made it.

I immediately dropped my bags and left right back out. I needed food. With barbecue obtained, I ate and watched YouTube videos in the living room.

Then I changed clothes. The Meet & Greet for the Minnesota Grue was set to start at 7pm. It was nearing 5pm and, having had not the best experience with public transportation, I decided to leave early.

One and a half hours later, having braved a bus in rush hour traffic, I exited and began walking. The address for the restaurant was about seven blocks from my stop.

As I walked, the wind kicked up. I shivered a bit. Fall had arrived. On the way, I found a small clothing shop and bought a pair of stripped socks for later.

Once I reached the address, I became confused. There was no restaurant. The entire area had transitioned from commercial to residential. Referring back to my email, I clicked on the map link for the restaurant. It was seven blocks back, right where I was dropped off. I had, in fact, passed it. Trekking back, I checked my phone. It was 6:55pm.

I arrived at the Meet & Greet fifteen minutes late, but I made it.

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