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The Obligatory Apology Entry

So I could go over the many reasons why I haven’t blogged lately.

There was work: three straight days of nine plus hours.

There was the travel that bumped right up against a gig. I literally got off work at 11pm, slept for two and a half hours, woke up, packed my car, and hopped on a plane.

There was the event this weekend I will be writing copiously about quite soon (the Minnesota Grue).

And there is my current general feeling of blah. I am tired, exhausted… You know the rest. And as some of you out there have attended a Grue, you will actually know my mood most intimately.

Still I want to apologize to you, my dear readers, the few of you who still visit this little corner of the internet to read my scribbles. I set a goal of one blog a day for this year. (No promises for next year.) I will do better.

You will have all my make-up blogs coming quite soon, with another blog blitz or two in my near future. For now just know that I have not forgotten about you, nor will I give up on my (one of many) writing goal(s).

Oh, and to be clear, this will not count as a blog. In my opinion, that would be cheating.

More sexy fun times to come quite soon…

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