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With Breakfast

“I’ve only seen this shit in porn.” – AV

I woke up Sunday morning knowing I had to pack, so of course I didn’t want to get up. But I did anyway. I folded my clothes, stripped my bed, and tucked everything away.

With my bags piled up by the cabin door, I slipped on a pair of tight black khakis and my black Vans and stepped outside. Like the last two days, most of the Rope Village community was huddled around under our pop up canopies. I took a seat and chatted.

During the conversation, AV asked me how my FetFest had been. I said pretty good, but since I was leaving I would not get to experience her rather large black strap-on dildo. She granted me a rain check.

I also bemoaned not getting fisted. I was to be a fisting demo bottom on Saturday night, but the top for the event fell ill. (Another rain check earned.) Seeing as I was about to go, AV decided to give me a send off.

“Poetic, would you like a fisting with your eggs?”

After finishing my breakfast (thank you again, Roxy) the needed supplies were gathered: a chuck, my personal lube, gloves, and a battery operated Hitachi.

I laid my chuck on the carpet in the middle of the chairs, the better for everyone to get a good view. I stripped down my sparse clothing and took my place in the center. AV and a beautiful girl sat by my crotch.

Rope Village was blessed with two supplies in ready order: rope and Hitachis. With a portable battery pack to supply power for the wired sex toys, both AV and the beautiful girl got themselves off before getting me off.

As they settled in, AV began to warm me up. The idea of the two of them double fisting me came up. I wondered how they would manage this. The technical details were far from my mind, however, after we began.

I intentionally did not ask if I needed permission to cum. With only a few of AV’s finger in me, my ecstasy began. With AV’s full hand inside me, the beautiful girl then applied the battery operated Hitachi. I tried to move my hips to get the positioning right before finally taking up the toy in my own hands.

As AV continued to pound her hand inside me, the beautiful girl played with my nipples.  Both ladies still rode their own Hitachis, as well. 

Wave after wave of orgasms washed over me. I felt so full of AV’s hand. In a moment of clarity, I realized it was because more than one hand was in me.  I rose my hips up, trying to hump her hands as she pounded into me. Pleasure mixed with pain. I couldn’t stop screaming and crying out her name.

When finally she slipped out her hands, I was exhausted. I sat up and kissed both AV and the beautiful girl, thanking them for their care and attention. It was them I remembered a fun moment during our scene.

Obviously, with us playing in the middle of the circle, many people watched. I believe I heard the snapping of a camera. However, someone pointed out an important fact: this was Rope Village; where was the rope?

Tossing in one small coil, it splayed out on my chest. I think my gyrations must have moved it because later a second length of rope took its place. With my scene complete, I picked up the small length, asking to whom it belonged. Hammer had been its owner. He then gifted the rope to me.

So now in my Hello Kitty bag lives a small length of rope, a token of my time at FetFest staying with and being loved by my rope family.

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