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A Girl

~ a story ~

“He’s needs a girl.”

We looked on at Kevin, smiling and chatting with the pretty sales girl.

She was cute, likable. When we’d wondered into the little boutique, she’d tried to help Quinn pick just the right necklace, but Quinn’s style was specific. Nothing seemed right. The sales girl tried different styles, different colors, different lengths, but nothing could please Quinn.

Twenty minutes later, no new jewelry to speak of, Quinn walked out of the shop slightly disappointed but still smiling as we walked towards Kevin.

“Go talk to that girl,” Quinn told him. “She’s cute.”

“Um, okay.”

He threw his jacket over his shoulder and walked inside.

“What is he possibly going to say to her,” I asked.

“Doesn’t matter; he’ll think of something.”

As we looked on, the sales girl gave a wide grin, tossed her hair, and laughed at something Kevin said. I wasn’t surprised; Kevin had a wicked sense of humor.

The sales girl played with her necklace as Kevin slipped an errant curl back behind her ear. She then tipped her head down, closed her eyes for a moment, and then looked up at Kevin and said something. He gave a fun little pout and slumped his shoulders, inciting another giggle from the girl. Kevin gave her a small wave bye and re-joined us.

“She has a boyfriend.”

“Darn it.”

“That’s too bad,” I said.

Kevin needs a girl. That’s what Quinn said. Quinn, who knew all. Well, almost all.

Quinn, the reigning queen bee of our friends. Quinn, not malicious or mean, but most definitely the leader, the one everyone swarmed around, the one everyone followed. Quinn, Kevin’s twin sister.

We walked towards the movie theatre at the end of the line of stores. It was a chilly Sunday. I pulled my scarf a little snugger around my neck, fighting off the cold as I followed close behind them.

Inside Quinn had her usual: small pop corn and a small diet soda. Kevin liked nachos. I skipped my bon bons.

But when Quinn opened the door to the theatre, I thought the better of it.

“On second thought, I’ll be right back. I think I do want a snack.”
“I’ll come with you,” Kevin said. “I need a drink. These nachos are like eating a salt lick.” He handed his sister his food before following me.
“I’ll get the usual spot,” called Quinn after us.

We were to see an action flick, Quinn’s favorite genre; she always sat front row. She liked to feel as if she was in the middle of the drama. I ignored the ache in my neck after each movie.

All the lines for food were long, so I picked one at random and waited. Kevin stood beside me, and then playfully bumped my arm with his shoulder. As is our way, I rocked to the side and then playfully rocked back into him, bumping his arm.

He hit me harder. I tried to hit him harder, but he stepped aside, catching me as I completely missed him, stopping me before I stumbled or fell on the floor.

My hands laid over his as I caught my balance and straightened up. I looked up at him, all six feet of him, and smiled.

Still holding his hand, I stepped backwards, stepped out of the line, and pulled Kevin with me.

“Where are we going?”

Walking outside, his hands still in mine, I looped around and to the side of the door, a small alcove normally inhabited by smokers. The smell lingered from fresh butts, but no one partook of tobacco at the moment.

I leaned against the brick wall of the alcove, looked up into Kevin’s eyes, and pulled him in close, resting his hands on my hips. I grabbed the neck of his shirt and lightly tugged down. He bent his head to meet my lips as I kissed him.

I’d never done that before, never sought out and made happen exactly what I wanted, and I’d wanted Kevin for quite some time.

And Kevin didn’t shy away, didn’t flinch, didn’t pull back. The smile that formed when I tugged on his shirt was different then the smiles he’d given me before; he looked like the mouse happy to be caught in the trap.

His lips were soft against mine. Slowly, we kissed. Sweetly, we kissed. Parting his lips, he lightly licked my tongue. My tongue played with his.

Letting go of his shirt, he lifted his head and looked at me with a wide and satisfied grin.

“What was that for?”

I stood up from against the wall, now bopping up and down on my toes, high from the moment, a smirk across my lips.

“You need a girl.”

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