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The Cowboy (2 of 4)

~ erotica ~

The cowboy ran the cigar in and out of her pussy, fucking her with his tobacco.

Even with the scratches from the wood. Even with the fear of the moment. Still, she could not help but notice the feel of the tickle of her nipples with his gyrations. She could not help the growing wetness he no doubt felt. And she could not help the warmth building inside her as the cowboy kept entering her again and again with his cigar.

“You like that.”

He laid his body against hers, never stopping the movement of his tobacco.

“I can hear it in your breathing. I can feel it in your pussy.”

She bit her lip and turned her head away from him, but he grabbed her chin and pulled her eyes back to his.

“No, you will look at me, and you will know who is making you feel this way.”

She closed her eyes, her orgasm so close to breaking throughout her body, so close to its more than welcome release.


Her eyes burst open.


It was enough. Though she could not admit it even to herself, she needed his permission, needed his approval, and he was obviously not giving it. She blinked back the tears forming in her eyes.

The cowboy pulled the cigar from her pussy in one last long movement.

“Nice and warm, just how I like it.”

He brought the tobacco to his lips.

“Mmm, flavored quite nicely.”

He released his grip on her chin, pulled his lighter from his pocket, and lit his tobacco. After some puffs, the end glowed red. He held the smoke in his mouth before exhaling across her back. She felt the heat slowly trail down her skin. She shivered at the subtle touch.

Her body hurt from her desire, ached at her wanting. She wanted, needed to cum, but how would she ever get permission? How would she ever find a way to fulfill her body’s yearning? And why was this, and no other thought, the most important to her at this moment?

The cowboy grabbed her by her hair again, pulling her off the log and back to her knees in the mud. Her face was at his crotch level. Instinctively she looked towards the bulge in his pants.

“Don’t worry, I won’t make you suck my cock. I’ll wait til you beg me to suck my cock.

“I see the look in your eyes, still obstinate, still believing you have any power. You don’t, but go on believing what you will.

“By the end of our encounter, you will beg me to let you suck my cock, beg me to let you cum, and beg me to never let you go.”

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