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Six words

And now for something different…

So I was watching some more TED Talks before bed tonight, and one of them featured a man named Sebastian Wernicke. I watched two of his talks actually, and both dealt with synthesizing TED Talks down. With the plethora of ideas floating around among, at the time, one thousand posted talks online, he endeavored to shrink that wealth of information down to a more workable amount, specifically six words. Both his talks are awesome and available on www.ted.com.

With his idea as inspiration, which technically he pilfered from Hemingway, but whatevs, I’m going to write some six word stories for you tonight. And, should any of them stick in my mind for longer than the next twenty minutes to an hour (the average time I spend on a blog at night), I may just expand them later in the month, which is not much more on us.

Of course, should you like one or more of my shortest of stories, please feel free to say such in a comment. No promises, but I could be swayed to work more on one or more of the ideas below should the interest of you, my fair readers, be so piqued.

Also, I will let you in on the most obvious of cheats. Should December 31st arrive and I am still behind on blogs, I will create six word stories to fill out my obligation to myself for this year.

(My goals/plans/ideas blog for my next three hundred and sixty-five days on this earth is also coming soon, though I fear it may not be til after the new year has arrived. I’ll see what I can do, though.)

So, as promised, without further ado, please enjoy the following six word stories:

1) MoMa: Inventing Impressionism; awe inspiring hour.

2) Can’t speak but need to scream.

3) I feel lost all the time.

4) The dark is the bad place.

5) Sweet one. Kind one. Lost one.

6) I’m happy because he left me.

7) I’ve missed you every moment since.

8) I know you don’t love me.

9) Our family is more than bloodlines.

10) Kiss me. Fuck me. Leave me.

11) Stop yourself from being that girl.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, or, should you celebrate another winter holiday, or no holiday at all for that matter, I hope you, at the very least, had a pleasing Tuesday.

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  1. I’m happy because he left me.