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I kept checking the time between my feverish typing of tweets.

11:10am. 11:18am. 11:23am. 11:38am.

Each instance I checked the time was a reminder of what soon awaited me; a gorgeous man and his hotel bed.

When the presentation ended, I dashed from my seat into the hallway. After a quick cursory glance and no sight of him, I hurried towards the elevator.

Floor 3.

Getting off, I speed-walked down the hall, pulled out the key card he happened to have given me the night before, and opened his door. He was there, in his bed, already naked, sheets up to his chest.

“Did you take a nap?”

I smiled and feverishly disrobed. Down to just my boots, I told a fun little antidote about another instance where I fumbled with my leather because of sex.

Completely naked, I sat on his bed, a huge grin on my face. He pulled down his covers, revealing his already hard cock, as well as a bag of condoms. He placed the prophylactics on the end table.

I paused our advancing intentions for an STI testing and barriers conversation, as well as mentioning a few of the things I love done to me while fucking (biting, hair pulling, fisting). All the while, I kept seeing the flick of his dick in his lap taunting me. I made sure not to lick my lips; we only had ten minutes.

We both gave satisfactory answers, as well as little tidbits of information (as much as you can impart in three minutes).

And then I said, “Hi.” And he said, “Hi.” And we were kissing.

He’d been lying back, so I loomed above him, my loose hair falling beside our faces. His mouth soon found my nipples. I let out my first sigh, and realized I’d forgotten to warn him about how vocal I am. He didn’t seem to mind as he continued to bite and suck on my nipples.

Reaching down, he stroked my pussy lips and played with my clit; another sigh.

Getting up, he repositioned himself behind me. Grabbing my ankles, he tried to pull me down the bed. His hands slipped, so I tried to turn around and move. He pushed my hips back around and pulled me into position; doggy style, my favorite.

His hand found my cunt again; my sighs returned. I felt him reach over to the end table, and then I heard the ripe of the condom.

As soon as he entered me, my sighs turned into moans. His hands gripped my hips, thrusting forward as I pushed back. My arms stretched out towards the headboard as my face sunk into the bed. My fingers struggled for purchase, wanting to take hold of something, anything, needing to claw and squeeze the sheets, the pillows. I screamed my ecstasy into the mattress.

And then there was a hand on the back of my head. He pulled the pillows away from my mouth and pushed my face into the mattress. My screams not muffled enough, he pulled my hair, repositioned my head, and pushed my face harder into the bed. I moaned while struggling to breathe until he released his pressure.

He pulled out, and then I felt his fingers again. Only a few at first, dancing against my clit and one playing inside of me. And then another. I pushed back still, fucking whatever phallus he chose to give me. But I wanted more, much more.

“More fingers, please, ” I breathlessly gasped.
“More fingers, please.” I raised my voice.
“I can’t hear you.”
“More fingers, please…!” The desperation in my plea was absolutely pathetic.
“Because you asked so nicely…”

“Oh, fuck! Thank you,” I moaned as save one of his digits played inside me. My hips responded in kind as I bucked back vigorously. He played with my clit, stroked my insides, and massaged my G-spot; he knew exactly what to do.

Soon I felt a delicious warmth bubbling up inside me, ready to burst forth. And the obscenities came. And I screamed his name, telling him I was cuming. He grabbed my hair and held my head up as my orgasm surged throughout my body, across my abdomen, down into my legs, and tingling up my torso. I screamed and cried, “Wraith, oh God Wraith” as my cum overtook me.

As we hurriedly put our clothes back on, breath barely enough in my rush to put myself back together, he mused, “I want more time with you.”

“I know,” I sighed, smiling, trying to grab all my things as we scurried to get to our next class.

More than ten minutes with Wraith would have to wait for another day.

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  1. That’s was a damned hot quickie!

    xx Dee