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Little One

~ erotica ~

She rode his face, her hips rising and falling with the bend of her knees. His hands gripped her thighs, holding her pussy to his lips, as he enjoyed every last bit of her. She reclined her head back, body rolling, as his tongue moved just the way she liked.

I had the perfect view. My mouth around his cock. My hands resting on my lower back. My eyes focused on them.

It wasn’t everyday they allowed me to participate, let alone watch. It wasn’t every day that I got see them, both of them, this way. But this wasn’t any normal day.

One year. One year since we started our interactions. One year since I walked through their front door, got down on my knees, and asked them to have me. One year of learning what they wanted, how they wanted it. One year of being at their beck and call. Doing this. Completing that. And always, always ready to be on my hands and knees, all holes open for whatever either wanted.

I circled my tongue around the head of his cock and flicked just underneath. I moved the way I knew he loved, playing with his dick as I pleasured him, taking glee in my work. Closing my eyes, I sucked hard, and slowly filled my mouth and throat with him, sinking his cock inside me. I slid my mouth up and down his shaft. Slowly. Slowly. He never wanted to cum too fast. I never wanted to stop sucking his cock.

I felt the grip of my hair. Felt the hand pull my mouth off his cock. Opened my eyes, and saw her, still riding him, a fury in her gaze equal parts anger and lust.

She stared at me forever before slapping me across my face. Then again, backhanding my cheek.

“Try harder,” she said before forcing my mouth back onto his cock. I clenched my hands. My pussy quivered. I was glad she couldn’t see how wet I was.

She pushed and pulled my head on his cock, quickening my pace, bringing him closer and closer to his cum. He started moaning into her cunt. She purred at his sounds, the vibration adding that much more pleasure to her fun.

“That’s it, little thing. Make him cum.”

Her hand released my hair, but I felt her will pushing me still. I continued my speed along his cock. Continued my tongue dancing along his shaft. Continued to take him into my throat. It wasn’t long before his hips moved. His cock twitched. And he screamed and spewed his cum into my mouth.

I heard her, too, as she came on his face. Her guttural growl as the wave of ecstasy rolled throughout her body.

I swallowed his semen, licked my lips, and sat back on my feet, eyes lowered, waiting whatever they asked of me.

“What do you think,” he asked her as he wiped the pussy juice, saliva, and sweat from his face. He wore the grin I loved, the one he always had after I made him cum.

She stood, her stiletto boots making her tower over me. She stared down on his unassuming frame.

“She’s useful,” he said. “And talented.”

“I had to coach her.”

“You had to encourage her. And that’s only cause you weren’t patient. You never want a long slow fuck.”

“But she does.”

I made sure not to look up, not to move.

“You love sucking his cock. Would love to do it all day and all night, I’m sure. Is that right?”

She had asked a direct question. I had to answer.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“What about my pussy? Would you lick and suck it til the Sun rose?”

“Yes, Mistress.”


“I told you,” he said. “She’s useful.”

“And eager. I think I will teach you how I want my pussy licked, since you seem to have mastered his cock just fine. I think we will keep you around a bit longer. Does this please you, little one?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

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